Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inter-Webular Goings On

We are currently in the thick of finals period kids. During this time period it is common to find students all over the nation drinking coffee as fast as it can be made, with bags under their eyes, stressed and un-showered. This is including myself, as evidenced by this group of textsphoto Random yes. We were planning getting some supplies or Christmas dinner later this week.  And just for your information “And I shebang showered in days” is read “and I haven’t showered in days” ha. I was waiting for the bus, my fingers got cold and spazzy and my phone auto-corrected whatever I had typed to shebang. Classic autocorrect. But yes, I haven’t showered in days. My hair is disgusting and I’m keeping it contained in a hat and I don’t think that I’ve started to develop a smell so…

Anyways, there are some pretty exciting things going on around the interweb this week.

First, my pal London (holler!) of Such Sweet Tierney is currently hosting a 12 days of giveaways on her blog. Its currently day three and you can enter every day, all 12 days for a chance to win some really cool prizes. So go on over and get yourself some good swag.

Next, Vanessa blogged about the time back in September when I went to go visit her and crash the baby shower she was throwing for miss Katie. Here is proof that this little meeting did in fact take place. 6a010535b35419970c0147e098bd81970b Yay! it was fun to be reminded of the good weekend we had. I can’t say it enough how cute and sweet Steven and Katie are, and Vanessa was a wonderful, and funny, with a fridge full of boxed wine. Such a good hostess. Anyways, go here to read all about our fun weekend.

Finally, the lovely Kimberly Scott asked me to take part in a little Christmas Vlog she put together. So I got out my little camera and started to ramble on about all things Christmas. Here is the video that Kim put together – its super good and totally worth your ten minutes.

Check out Kim’s post about the video here to see all of the fantastic ladies who were involved. It was just the break from studying I needed to keep my sanity and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it. Thanks Kim!

Aaanyways, I am going to take the rest of the day off (I think) I may motivate myself to give this little apartment a deep clean but we’ll see.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share the full, uncut (awkward) five minutes of me just rambling on about Christmas.


ps. i love youimage This super pretty picture was in my email the other day in an email I got from Toast. Pretty right?


  1. gotta love the damn autocorrect! Mwahahahha...

  2. AWESOME video .... man, i love it so much. haha, love actually ... awkward to watch with your parents. your vests and sweaters. carolers. i would totally go caroling with you. that would be fun. shebang!! xo.