Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uncut Christmas Vlog.

I always say I should Vlog about something but I never have anything good to Vlog about and I always feel like my videos are suuuper awkward after I shoot them. Anyways so when Kim asked me to be a part of a little Christmas project she was putting together, it was just the kick in the ass I needed to actually put together a little Vlog.

You can see Kim’s blog with all of the lovely ladies who took part here. Or right on my blog in my post from yesterday (GO!) Like I said yesterday, it is totally worth your ten minutes to watch that video. It is funny and heart-warming and just a lovely little video.

Anyways, I sent Kim over 5 minutes of me awkwardly rambling on about many a Christmassy things. Here, is that full video.

Once again, big thanks to the lovely people at YouTube for picking the most amazing screencap of me as the start image. And yes I know you can change them, this is the best of the three options I was given.

If you make it through the whole awkward thing congrats because I definitely can’t. I dunno, there is just something about watching myself on video – so strange. Also I had to cut out a ton of me laughing after the carollers comment. It was such a ridiculous thing for me to say and I cracked myself up.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. I always love seeing other bloggers do Vlogs, its a fun little look into what they’re like in person.

lovelove jer

Ps. I love youimage image Pretty wrapping via ohhellofriend.

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  1. I watched the 10 minute video yesterday. I thought it was so great! Loved it! Great idea and so great to see all of you that were in it! :)
    You're just the cutest! I can't watch myself on video either. I've had to do a couple videos lately and just watch once to be sure it's framed ok and doesn't cut off and that's it. Gives me anxiety!!!! Eeeek!
    Happy day to you, Jeremy!!!!

  2. holy shit this was so cute. lol
    i loved it.
    i giggled a lot when you mentioned the carolers and it made me love it even more.
    ps. give me your doggie :D
    merry christmas!

  3. looooove it! i totally wish we could've spent more time together! you're so funny! i wish you vlogged like once a week. or every other week? anyway, i wish you vlogged more. granted, i've never vlogged in my life...but can you imagine?! if you think you're awkward, think about what i would be like! "uh, hi. blah da blah blah blah...oh! riley just pooped on me. oh yes, i had a baby, maybe you didn't know that from my 21,000 tweets on twitter complaining about how much i had to pee or how my belly felt like it was ripping apart. i really like sufjan stevens. don't listen to vanessa meryl about him. she ikes to rain on my sufjan parade. ha! i just quoted jeremy. i like twitter. and i like shopping. wanna go shopping sometime?" holy crap...i ramble even in comments! ha!'re adorable. and hilarious. and i'm going to go now.


  4. Wowza. That was freaking hilarious. And if I had a dollar for every time you pointed your finger I'd have like $50.

    and now I understand Katies tweet yesterday. haha and also....her comment is hilarious as well.

    love my friends! i love you!

  5. Merry Xmas Jeremy! You vblog is great, my daughters love your furbaby and want to know if her/his real name is Pumpkin.
    That eggnog latte at Starbucks ain't too shabby either....

  6. How am I just now seeing this?