Monday, February 01, 2010

Pretty Portraits on a Quiet Monday

Saturday Night Live has been quite a large part of my weekends for the past few years. Whenever I don’t have something going on on a Saturday night, I will watch SNL and craft. I really love it.

Anyways I was always really drawn to the vivid, highly stylized portraits of the host and the band for each particular night, that are shown just before commercials – so a while back I did some research and found out that the photographer behind those photos is a woman named Mary Ellen Matthews.

She is definitely one of my favourite photographers. I love that you can spot one of her photos and immediately know that she took it. I find that so admirable that artists have such a unique style that there is no mistaking their work – it is a characteristic common between many of my favourite artists.  I wanted to share some of her rad photos with you.


imageimageimageimage image imageimageimageimageimage   image image image all images via.

Happy Monday friends!!

love Jeremyyyyyy :)

ps i love you





  1. Oh my gosh that's so funny that you posted that because I was just thinking (within this past week) that I should look up who took the SNL photos because I am obsessed with them! Thanks so much for sharing! :) Some of her pics may show up on my blog in the next couple weeks too. :)

  2. LOVE this post. love those bright crazy photos, love mary ellen matthews. brilliant!