Thursday, July 02, 2009

IDSS Page 1 + A Sneak Peek

So today was Canada day here in Canada (more about that tomorrow i think) and the weather was not so pleasant so i spent the morning picking my courses for the fall (my summer is more than halfway over already – just by the way, wtf?) and I spent the latter half of the day scrapbooking and art journaling. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon since I couldn’t be outside laying by the pool. What does one’s studio look like after a day of crafting you ask? Well here you go:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Disastrous. It looks a little better than that now though – so that’s a bonus. (I realize not everyone’s studio looks like this after a day of crafting but lets be honest shall we? it should) (I also realize i used the term studio to describe my scrap table that sits in the corner of my bedroom – i’m ok with it, you should be to). So what on Earth did I make to make such a mess you ask yourself? Well then you are in luck because here are a few of the things I cranked out of the factory today.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I finally got started on Rachel’s summer art journaling class – I Do Solemnly Swear. This is the title page on which I misspelled solemnly. meh. I left it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         It was really fun to just play around for myself. I haven’t been doing a lot of scrapping lately, but what I have been doing hasn’t just been for myself – they’ve all been projects for other things with deadlines etc. Mind you, its not that these aren’t fun to complete – its just different than when you’re doing something completely for yourself you know? Anyways I had a super fun time making this page.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I also did the second page from the class, but not before good light ran out to take a picture of it. Expect it sometime tomorrow assuming my internet decides to work. We are on a satellite high speed connection here at home and its good when it works – but it seems to be working less and less these days. Suuuper frustrating. What the mother of crap did people do before the internet? because I could not survive without it.

I also got to put some finishing touches on my first project for Such Sweet Tierney this month as well as a few other projects I can’t share right away. London sent me an amazing little packet of buttons this month and I have been playing around with them in the little free time I have. I have put together a couple things and this is my favourite so far – so fun to make. Here is a sneak peek at the layout:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Check out London’s blog for the big reveal coming either Friday or next Wednesday. We’re all about the suspense over at Such Sweet Tierney – keep you guessing lol.

All this plus I got to enjoy some Canada day festivities including fireworks. I’ll probably blog more about that tomorrow too. But for now I am off to bed for the night.

xoxo Jer

ps. Thank you all so much for the sweet comments lately they really mean so much and make blogging a more rewarding thing to do – because all you bloggers know that blogging is sometimes the last thing you want to do. But seriously while I’m ultimately blogging for myself, your comments make me a better blogger so thank you.

pps. I got the first season of Samantha Who for my birthday and I’ve been watching it over and over. it is hysterical. check it out if you haven’t seen it.


  1. man.... i wish i would've taken that class! everyone's pages are amazing!!! and i looove yours! [even with the misspelling. i think it could be interpreted to say "i want to get out and enjoy summer so much, that i won't even care/take time to spell check!" it's wonderful.]

    also, i can't wait to see the other stuff you have in the works!


  2. just saw your comment on my blog: my mom goes by "grammy" but whenever i ask paisley to say "grammy" she says "mimi?!" so not my mom goes by "mimi" with her, and she wants paisley's cousin to call her "mimi" too because he calls her "gra-y" and she doesn't think it's as cute! lol... long winded explanation! but that's totally awesome that you call your grandma that! wait... just so we're on the same page, do you pronounce it "meemee"?

  3. Jeremy, I love your idss page! You're art journalling style is great and I can't wait to see the rest. I loooove the little mustache and the spelling error. :)