Friday, July 10, 2009

two lovelies, two posters and a layout

Here are two young ladies who are such amazing photographers. Their pictures are so beautiful and its so inspiring to me that they are so young and already have their style so developed. Its obvious to me that these ladies are gifted – how can you not say that when you look at these photos?

This is Nancy Lam she’s 18 and you can see more of her stuff in her flickr photostream.





Nancy also makes the most beautiful little collages with her photos.



This next lovely is Chrissie White and she is 15. You probably know this girl (she was on one of Elsie’s 10 thins I love lists) but holy cow this girl drips talent.

3239845838_b0fec8de88 3567970817_379ea449a4_o[How can I possibly choose right? But there’s a good chance this –above- is my fave.]






and because I can’t post about Chrissie without including this picture . . .

3568660732_7f287a5923seriously, how perfect?? sigh. i need friends who’ll play with me like this. anyone feel like moving?

I fully intended to share more things with you tonight, but what can top these two ladies? I get so unbelievably creatively charged just looking at these photos – and I’ve browsed through them a good 3000 times [exaggeration?? maybe . . .not by much though). They make me want to pick up my camera and practice just to get better. If ever take a picture half as lovely as any of these – I will be one happy boy. So with that I am out for tonight to make something nice or to take a pretty picture we’ll see where this adventure called creativity takes me.

xo Jer

PS. i tried to like the new blog design, but i just couldn't it was too much going on. i chose the minima template for a reason apparently. i'm totally inspired by holly's blog right now - i'm trying something similar to that. something more simple - plain for lack of a better word. just in case you were wondering why everything is back to the old way around here.


  1. my gosh 2 amazing photographers, thanks for sharing and sure- i'll move so we can play photoshoots!

  2. oh dude, everything here is so amazing. it's almost 3 am and i should be sleeping but instead i'm staring at these beauties. trust me, if i lived closer i'd absolutely spend a day w/you attempting to take cool photos. spectacular.