Friday, July 24, 2009


I am back from the cottage. Actually I got back on Tuesday night, late Tuesday night but I worked Wednesday night and tonight. So I’ve been busy and tired out from my little vacation. Sidenote: isn’t it weird how after a vacation you feel so blah when you get back into your normal day-to-day, almost tired out. I’m still working on getting back into routine and I was only gone for two days. It was a good two days though. I loove it up at the cottage so so much. It is so relaxing. Anyways me and my brother had to come back early because we both had to work and the rest of my family is still there until tomorrow – so they still have the camera. Therefore no pics for now except for these ones from my cell on the trip home.

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Actually, looking at these on the computer, I’m kind of in love with the last one. One of my favorite things ever? happy accidents like that last picture. love it.

On the way back we listened to a little of everything and a lot of this.

it makes my heart happy.

I am so so excited to see this movie – so excited in fact that I hope I’m not psyching myself up so much that I am disappointed when I actually do see it. I can’t bear the thought.

Speaking of which, how lovely?


Aaaaah. I could do a whole post about that lovely. Definite crush (its all about the indie cred).

Anyways, I am off for the night. I am catching up on the things in the online world and watching old Harry Potter’s to get my mind off of the fact that I haven’t yet seen the new one. ps. The quidditch scenes in the first couple of movies were awful – i still love them.

What are you up to tonight?



  1. Up to nothing but thinkking crafty thoughts :)
    That last pic from your phone-LOVE! You could blow that up and totally "art" with it!

  2. I love this post! And, Zooey is truly one of my faves--she's just so gorgeous! Can't wait to see her new movie coming out. I just can't seem to find the release date anywhere.

  3. hey jeremy. i'm new to your blog. found you through everydayscrapper. just saw 500 days of summer on saturday. it was awesome in a meaningful way not a cute way. also LOVED the soundtrack. i need to get on iTunes and download it to my iPod.