Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pssst. . .Wanna know a secret?


- i keep a list of things to tweet in case i don’t have anything to tweet

- i had a rat tail in kindergarten and i thought i was cool. (sidenote: my dad had one at the same time and he was in his twenties – it was the early 90s people – and i used to get him to braid it because he braided his)

-i am quite possibly*the* biggest procrastinator ever (you’d think after the time i left a 30 page paper to three days before it was due i’d have learned my lesson but nope. truth is i work better under that kind of stress)

- i hate hate hate the sound of people whistling, definitely one of my biggest pet peeves.

-one time in grade three during the remembrance day assembly i had to pee so badly, but i didn’t want to get up and cause a disturbance during the assembly so i held it. near the end of the assembly i couldn’t hold it any longer so i got up to go to the bathroom however the change in position cause things to shift – holding it became impossible and i peed my pants in front of the whole school

-i do not eat red meat

-ok i have *multiple* lists of things to tweet if i run out of things to tweet

-sometimes i can’t help but swear

- i have a mild to moderate (and occasionally severe depending on the day) obsession with the olsens

- this song has been stuck in my head for approximately a week – at the moment i have no intention of attempting to remove it

- i fell down the stairs (a full out fall on my face fall) while having an in depth conversation while walking through the mall

- sometimes when i go into stores i think of how easy it would be to steal stuff from there (of course i have no intention of doing it – i just think about how i would go about doing it)

that was fun. now tell me some fun secrets about you :)


  1. ~I absolutely hate when people leave a half of something uneaten. Such as cookies, crackers, or protein bars. Then I get to find it still in the box to discover "half-eaten". It's SOOO annoying!
    This has been going on in my household for awhile now and I'm about to blow my top.

  2. we are SO SIMILAR!!! we already know i make crazy tweet lists...but i LOATHE whistling. it makes me cringe. people come into the cafe and whistle while they fix their coffee and i have to go into the back until they leave cos I cant stand it. especially when they whistle to the song that is playing and i KNOW they dont really know the song cos its something random and indie.

    ALSO i think about stealing stuff all the time! and how super easy it would be, i have a giant purse, no one would know. but i would never. and if i ever tried i would probably get in trouble. like when i went to self checkout in the grocery store and tried to fool the machine by telling it i only had one ear of corn but I really had three....yea it wouldnt let me do it...luckily no one saw and i entered the honest amount like nothing happened.

    hmmm maybe i should repost all of this as a blog, since i never blog and this is so long. HUGS!

  3. i love your list, and i love secrets. these are all really good ones!

    my biggest one is that i used to have to sneak out of the house when i was in high school to go to concerts because my parents hated the music i listened to, and they wouldn't have let me go if they had known. (especially if they had known i was driving out of state, four hours away with a bunch of dudes. to see danzig, or pantera, or white zombie. ahem.)


  4. wow-I once peed my pants in front of the whole class, not the whole school, but equally embarrassing..

  5. i love your list too! i expecially love the stair/mall one because i trip on thin air and all my friends used to joke about how they should carry a camera 24/7 so they could take pictures of me tripping all the time.

    anyway, some of my secrets:
    *the fifth harry potter book/movie is my least favorite i have a hard time with it.

    *my mom and dad sent me through rehab because i came home drunk once [like alcohol poisoning drunk...but still, it's not like i was a real alcoholic.]

    *i have a huge crush on severus snape [but i guess that's not really a secret because i've tweeted about it several times now...]

    *i hate when people say "i'm twittering" or "do you twitter?" [it's "tweet" people! ...but you already know]

    *paisley is starting to act like a true toddler, and as much as i love her, she frustrates me on multiple occasions everyday

    *i know my husband's ex wife stalks my blog, and sometimes i want to reciprocate, but i have to remind myself that she doesn't matter. she's not part of our life anymore.

    [wow! maybe i should just blog some secrets too! goodness! save some for the blog, katie...]

    loooooove you!

  6. i love your list! just last night i was stepping down from the stage at a dance club and the floor was covered in spilled drinks, needless to say i stepped, slipped, and fell on my butt. it was so graceful, i swear.