Friday, July 31, 2009

oh july.

you have been pretty good to me. i would however, like a few more days of good weather so that i can go in the pool though. i’ll have you know i have only been in once this summer, and i think that was in june. in all honesty, the weather has been lovely, very fall-ish which i’m sure you know (nothing against you and the other summer months) is my favorite time of year.  your days have been warm, your nights have been cool – veeery good sleeping weather. i will miss you july. until next year . . .




ps. we are jumping into a long weekend here in the good ‘ol land of Canada, I am still working through the pictures from the cottage last week, hopefully i will get them finished up and scrapped as well. tonight i am watching 24 with the mother and brother and then when the rest of the world falls asleep i will be doing a little bit of scrapping. who knows what the rest of the weekend holds?


  1. i haven't been in a pool at all this entire summer, how lame is that? hopefully that will change in august.

    and i really like that picture of everyone jumping into the lake, it looks so pretty and inviting :]