Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a beaut-, well just a mess + a giant t-rex.

P8097057 this is what my workspace at my parents house looks like right now. it is a disastrous combination of clothes in various states of unpacked-ness, broken ipods that need to be fixed (boo), sunglasses, important mail that needs to be attended to, pretty papers that are probably being crumpled under piles of stuff, souvenirs that need to be given out, a few boxes with nothing in them, a pile of old newspapers, some books, to-do lists a-plenty and Lord only knows what else is hidden deeper under all of that stuff.


going to india for 6 weeks = amazing.

dealing with all of the stuff i need to after returning = not so much.


ps. i love youIMG_0233 editi love dinosaurs. so imagine my pleasant, almost giddy surprise when we were walking the lovely grounds of an old palace (that was actually super boring  but   more on that topic- my touristy revelation - later this week) and then we see this amazing fibreglass t-rex. just the kind of randomness i needed to make the whole day worth it.


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  1. Ha, love the dinosaur! Good luck getting organized... it's a huge bummer. And I hope you iPod magically starts working.