Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a belated happy birthday.

Just wanted to pop in and say a quick belated birthday to one of my besties and to my favourite roommate ever!image image image I was unfortunately unable to attend the festivities (including delicious sushi – jealousss) this past weekend however I was pleased to find that she was still able to have a good time despite my absence.

While I was trying to put together this post a-I had a fantastic time looking through the old photos of our times together and b-I realized that we have like zero pictures together (how is that even possible after living together for two years).  This MUST be remedied this year.

I did discover a few things about our pictures together.

1) The ones we do have one of us looks like a fool, take the one above for instance –although with that one I am intentionally trying to look that way (its my Napolean Dynamite face).

2) Of the photos of just us, there is a disproportionate number of them from various Halloween events (probably three quarters)(take the above photo for instance).

3) You seem to have a fascination with trying on my glasses – including those that are a part of my Halloween costumes. Take this one for instance:imagePossibly one of my favourite pictures ever (and my second favourite picture of you wearing glasses ever – you know my first favourite).

Anyways Happy Birthday Charlie!! I love you and here’s to two more fun filled years!


Ps. I love youimage imageThese retro future ads by  Moma Propaganda (via Dude Craft via Laughing Squid) are funny, charming and well, brilliant.

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