Monday, August 30, 2010

you have my heart.

the science student in me geeks out/gets pretty aroused when i see some form of design featuring a (somewhat) anatomically correct heart graphic. here is some geek porn for you other like minded science and graphic design kids. holler!!

image girlscantellimage image heronadornmentimage gigposters.comimage darkcycleclothingimage faroucheimage foldedpigsimage TinkaTreeimage OrkPosters

wow. be still my heart!! seriously, i would love every single thing here.



  1. Love that necklace! How cool is that, that it opens up and has all of the chambers?? love it. And the plate is perfect to, "Eat your heart out" so great. Would love a whole set of them for a dinner party:)

  2. Mmmmm.

    Jeremy find me a man with anatomical heart tattoo, k? Thanks.