Thursday, August 26, 2010

well good morning.

flavour flave.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         On the weather section of this layout it says to early to tell (i worked last night till 6 this morning and came home and decided to finish this layout). but as i was finishing it and the sun was rising this is what the weather shaped up to be.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This lasted for a good 7 minutes and then burned away. Now the sun is bright as bright can be and it is shaping up to be a gorgeous day. just perf!

Also, shout out to my dog. Holler!

Now after having been up for approximately 22 hours. I do not plan on sleeping yet. The fam is going back to school shopping today so instead of sleeping I am accompanying them. There will most definitely be a Starbucks stop on the way and probably a couple during the course of the day. Tonight at work could be interesting. meh.

Good morning. love J.

Ps. I love youimageimage  How pretty is this page from Kim’s journal? Be still my heart.


  1. awesome page, dude - thanks for playing along! love the rainbow morning, but back to school shopping (on zero sleep) ... you are brave. hope you have a good one! (loving kim's journaling too.)

  2. love your all-journaling-no-photo page! you are inspiring me to do one as well as i've never braved one...

  3. Love the journal page! Mmmm Starbucks... I wish we had two in my city... the one closest to me might as well be in another city. Ugh. Hope you get some rest!

  4. Nice dare! Haven't seen a guy scrapper in a long time... off to check out more of your blog!

  5. great page! Love the textures and spray inking.

  6. Just love your EFFER dare! So cool! And hi there Holler, my beagles Boo & Obi are barking hello from Australia to ya!