Friday, August 06, 2010


currently comp

listening: mumford and sons (what else? although. . .earlier today i was rocking out to some alanis morissette)

eating: i’ve been snacking on raw beans from the garden all day, but mom has homemade pizza in the oven for later.

drinking: water with a slice of lemon.

wearing: a faded pair of old jeans + a tee shirt that i wore yesterday

feeling: nostalgic about india.

weather: really sunny with an amazing breeze that will make sleeping a dream tonight.

wanting: to be at lollapalooza this weekend.

needing: to find a job for september. oh, and to pay my tuition.

thinking: about how i’m going to document my india stuff.

enjoying: SC’s documentary line (i have all of mine spread out on my bed just so i can keep looking at it)

wondering: why firefox is being a big db and crashing a minimum of 8 times a day.

(via tina)

ps. i love youimage image the rest of the series (see it here) are just as amazing. i’ve been drooling over these all evening.


  1. I knew you would love those photos! Welcome home!

  2. Aren't those photos amazing? I love her blog.

    Your currents are great.

  3. wow, great photos - i'll be checking out the rest for sure.
    i can't wait to see yours from india, i want to go there next!
    no travels in the next while, but i'll be living in your neck of the woods soon, can't wait!

  4. Umm. I totally rock out to old Alanis from time to time. First album I owned. :) lol. Thanks for the inspiring photo love, too!

  5. dude, yes. (to the alanis, paper drooling, tina list blogging, lollapalooza wishing ... and almost skyping!)

  6. i love the coney island train stop pic..i live close and i always go there in the summer..
    Dude,im reading your blog from 1 hour now and i adore it.