Wednesday, August 11, 2010

blast from the (not-so-distant) past.

I was doing some tidying this week and found my old highschool student cards. I’ve been out of highschool for 3 years so you can do the math about how old they are.

I have decided to share them with you. They speak for themselves.

Your welcome. At a first glance it might look like I lost weight from grade 11 to 12, but no, the photo is just really badly distorted.

Maybe one day I’ll show you my first driver’s licence. It’s good. My friends frequently ask me to bring it out when they need a good laugh. And man do they laugh. I’m sure they’d ask to see these too if they knew I had them.

So have a laugh on me. You can thank me later.


PS I love youimage via.

I decided i need more striped tees this week. Maybe I should just make some.


  1. ah ha! well mine are from about 20 years ago so you can imagine the scarriness!! (thinks TONS of hairspray, pink frosted lipstick, and BIG-ASS bangs...yeah.). Wen't to Yo Yo tonight thanks to you too - "non-fat" my ass....not so much when you smother it with crushed smarties....sending you many un-wanted calories back...(-;

  2. Oh Jeremy! These are HILARIOUS.

  3. ah, high school! i can't laugh. i went to high school in the eighties. yeah, i know. i'm aging myself. and i specifically recall one photo where i'm sporting a terry cloth shirt. yup: terry cloth. so have a laugh on ME! :-)

    love your blog, btw. always inspiring and yet....funny!

  4. He he. Oh, goodness. You're brave! I think I burned all of my old scary ID It's like the pre-req for being one of those photographers is, 'can you take the most unflattering photo EVER?'. lol.

    And, yes! Make one!! You have me wanting to stitch some colorful stripes onto one, right now. :)

  5. I like the third says "hey there!"

  6. love your hs cards!! I don't even know where mine are-and I'd be pretty scared---that 80's big hair, big eyebrows is not such a fabulous look...

  7. Look how young you looked!! Man I wish I would have kept mine, I do have my senior pictures though still. There good for a laugh here and there.