Monday, August 16, 2010

an untitled blog post. or this post took me hours to write.

i have nothing intelligent or overly meaningful to contribute to the blogosphere today. chances are i probably won’t have anything tomorrow and i’m sure it could probably even be argued that nothing i have ever posted on this blog is truly intelligent or that meaningful. but its ok and we carry on.

i’ve been working on doing this blogging thing for myself and for no one else. so thats what this post is, a random collection of my thoughts for this week so far (yes i realize that it is only monday). i also don’t feel like using capitals today, and this is going to be pretty stream of consciousness, so i apologize in advance for its randomness and if it is hard to follow. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         i’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after returning from my trip (that includes my blogging schedule - although there really was no blogging schedule to speak of before i left). part of it has to do with the killer amount of travel time we had on our way back home. we were in transit for over 30 hours, and with 9.5 hours of time difference between india and canada – you can be sure i was suffering some serious jetlag. that, coupled with a pretty major change in plans* is having a major impact on my ability to transition back into my real life smoothly.

*long story, but in short,  i had planned to continue living in my apartment in london (where i spent the beginning of the summer)  for the remainder of the summer looking for a job for september. but after an email from the nursing home i have worked at off and on for the past  years while i was away, i am now working back there for the month of august and living at my parents house. most of my stuff however, is still at the apartment in london, and i’m not planning on moving it back here for only a month, so its making for a very interesting living situation. i have the essentials here, but some clothes that i may want are not here, none of my crafty supplies are here. also i’m still going to have to look for a job in london in september on account of the fact that i didn’t work for four out of five months this summer and tuition is due right now. ha. so my days are going to be spent between london and home while working full time nights at the nursing home. okay, so that wasn’t that short. haha

ummm and now i don’t really remember where i was going with that so. . .

have you seen the latest dare? all the girls are killing it this week but this. . .i’m pretty sure i actually let out a little gasp when i saw this page by vee. image how perfect? i dieeee.

ok well since i still can’t remember the direction this post was originally supposed to go in, i guess thats it.


ps. i love you

i kind of have this unexpressed side of myself that is really into the fashion industry. i’m no expert by any means, but i definitely know more than your average 20-something young man (call it a hobby) and it doesn’t hurt that i get a lot of my crafty inspiration from the things i see in fashion magazines blogs etc.

anyways, this post (which says so perfectly, everything i wanted to but could never express about mcqueen’s FW 2010 collection) secured this blog’s spot in my favourite blogs ever. image image photos from here.

i’m am in love with tavi’s writing style. i honestly think she’s one of the best writer’s out there today. she’s super eloquent and her phrasing is perfect.

she is also super creative, her style is one-of-a-kind, her photos for the blog are gorgeous and she is a talented artist.

of course its no surprise i would love this blog since i have a habit of loving blog’s written by old souls (think kara or kim). definitely one of my daily reads.


  1. yep, that lo from vee is perfection. tavi is pretty awesome, too.

  2. Lovely! I'm Kim & Kara blog-obsessed, too. :) They're in my dailies. Off to check out Tavi - and good luck with the adjusting/new schedule! Jet leg can be so killer!! And Vee rocks. That page is so rad!

  3. i so feel your pain on the craft supplies! i've been without mine all summer, since I have to leave them in dorm storage :( only a few more weeks, I honestly get depressed!

    p.s. I loved your tweet to Katie tonight about tying down old people... i peed my pants a little, okay not really but you know what I mean!! :) also I hope you get back to your "normal" routine soon.

  4. Your awesome.....I always enjoy reading your posts. You seem as though you have an exciting life.