Saturday, March 28, 2009

What’s Up?

Well hello everyone! I have been one busy little beaver lately. Or at least it seems like I have. Where do I start? Well last weekend I was in Windsor for the nursing games – our school enters a team every year and we compete against other nursing schools in just regular old sports like basketball, soccer etc. I went last year and it was such a good time that I had to go again this year.

Friday night were the opening ceremonies. We went to the University of Windsor and they had some ceremonies planned, then there was a hypnotist and dancing afterwards. Needless to say it was a hilarious night.101_1950 On Saturday the games began. We started with the cheer competition and let me just say our cheers were 1000 times better this year than last. We played amazing nurse again – where we run around the city following clues etc. Last year we didn’t place but this year we got third!! So we came home with medals around our neck. Pretty good if I do say so myself. Saturday night we went out to one of the local bars with all of the other nurses – another good night with adventures on the way there and home. 101_2072Sunday was the closing/awards ceremonies and brunch. A very good weekend. My week was full of the normal school work.

Last night was the annual Nursing and Engineering faculty formal. It was so lovely – at the LCC. So good to see everyone all dressed up having a good time. The meal was great, the dessert was better (carrot and cheese cake) and the we had a fun time dancing it up after dinner. I unfortunately misplaced my camera prior to the event and therefore didn’t get any pictures. However here are a few that some other people took. I may update them as other people send me some more.




Now the best for last. Today I had such a great day. It started by sleeping in – One of my favourite things in the world is not having to wake up to an alarm. Anyways. We went downtown and started with Starbucks – apple chai is my new fave. Then we ventured downtown. I have had my eye on a couple of used book stores for a while now – but they are in an area I wouldn’t necessarily go on my own – so the three of us (Me, Vicky and Melissa) ventured bravely into them. The first two were really good, but the last one we went into - City Lights Bookstore - was *amazing*. I have found my new favourite place in the world. We spent an hour in the store and I could have spent all day there. Like I said before – I have misplaced my camera (there’s a good chance its in my disaster of a room ) anyways I didn’t have it with me. Boo!

There are so many treasures in there. I scored some new books for my Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys collection. (ps. I am collecting all of the old Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books – you know the old yellow and blue hardcovers?) I also got a copy of the Princess Bride dvd for $7.

So, next time I go I will bring my camera, and if anyone is ever coming to London it is a must see so let me know and I will give you directions – or a personal tour :)

Anyways, that is all I have for now. Tonight is Saturday Night Live night – which means crafty night for me. Its one of my little traditions to stay up and watch it every Saturday and make nice things while I do.

What are you up to for the rest of the weekend?

xoxo Jeremy

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Be Still My Beating Heart

OMG. I just saw this on Ellen and I seriously jumped up and down. I love the book. I cannot wait for this movie. So so magical.

ps. arcade fire = love. i'm even more excited to see it now that i hear that song in it. love love love. i seriously cannot contain myself you have no idea. omg. does anyone know when it comes out?? if you do let me know.

xoxo Jeremy

Edit - I was so excited i missed the date at the end of the trailer. October 16 . . . I will wait for you.

Edit x2 - The video is back up and running!!! yay

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Ramblings

1 - Just got back from a little shopping trip with Melissa, and I cannot say how happy it makes me when clothing stores are organized by colour. That is the kind of efficiency that I like. It makes it so easy to find something if you know what colour you are looking for.

I am definitely *not* as organized as I would like to be, but I am always intrigued by organization techniques. This book shelf --- be still my beating heart. I love it and want to have it.
2- I am getting very angry with Tim Hortons. Right now they have their roll up the rim promotion. I normally don't buy coffee from Tim Hortons but since they have the promotion I think I have bought approximately 20 odd drinks - give or take. And I have not won a single thing. Not one thing. That is a little ridiculous. I would be happy just to win a coffee so i could have another chance to win, but no.
3- I am done my rant about that and I am going to make a wish. * I wish I could go to this* What I wouldn't give to go. However I just don't think I can afford it or take the time off work. If anyone would like to donate to the send Jeremy to the RVA craft weekend fund that would be awesome. I mostly just want to go because I saw this. *love*
4 - I have been thinking about having my own studio/scrap space a lot lately. I feel like part of the reason why I don't scrap/craft/make pretty things as much as I would like to is (a) partly because of school and time constraints but (b) because I don't want to have to pull everything out to use it and then have to put it back. I would love love love to have my own space to create. I know this will not happn for a *long* time, but a guy can dream can't he? These are a few that have caught my eye.
This one from Apartment Therapy.

Ali's Old Studio.

Also, I loved this idea that Ali posted on her blog a really long time ago about lining a wall with old chests to store products.

5 - As soon as I get back to work in the summer I'm going to make a big purchase - it's kind of a tradition. Its a bit of a gift to myself for making it through another school year. I would love a Wii, but I'm really considering an SLR. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated, also if you know anywhere to get good deals, or even good quality used ones - post the link. I've had good luck with ebay in the past, but I'm always open to new suggestions for places to shop.
Ps. Also I am looking to take a photography class this summer, online would be preferred, so links for that too would be awesome.

Tonight = a bit of homework and then sleep.

xoxo, jer.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Just because I have been a blog slacker the last couple of weeks, doesn't mean that other people haven't. Aaaaand it certainly doesn't mean I haven't been reading an assortment of blogs. Here are a few of my favorite things I've read or discovered thanks to other peoples blogs over the past few weeks.

1-This beautiful flickrstream from Kim's blog. Tons of eye candy there. How beautiful are these pictures? Especially that chair - I could die.

2-I am always on the lookout for new music. This week I found these guys. From HollySarah.

3- This hilarious video from Leigh-Ann's blog. This is - dare I say - almost as good as Scarlett.

4 - This post on Rachel's Blog - *epic*. These ones are too funny.

"i peed my pants in grade 8 because I drank tooooo much slurpie and i couldn't walk home fast enough :("

"When I was 7 I danced naked infront of my class, I didn't see the big deal...little kids do it, but I got into trouble and haven't told anyone since. Not even my mum."

"i work in retail. And sometimes, i have to go to the back of the shoe room and laugh at the customers who are funny looking."

"2- i used to have a rat tail (so gross. . . and i'm *very* ashamed) 3- my mom still has my rat tail (even worse)"

Ok, who am I kidding? The last one is mine. I was sharing other people's so I had to share my own.

5 - These layouts by Jamie Waters. I love her layouts.

Ok. That is two posts in two days. I am on a roll. Tonight I have a bit of homeork to work on and I also want to do some crafty things. yay!

looooooovee yooooouuuu! xxoo jeremy

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sundays are for Pancakes.

Started the day with pancakes. delicious <3 Aaaaaanyways . . . yesterday I wrote my last exam and I promised a real blog post after that. Sorry to say however, that there is not a whole lot of updating that needs to be done. Much of my time the last few weeks have been spent studying, writing papers etc. All things school related. Not necessarily the way I would choose to spend my time, however, it is something I myself signed up for when I decided to go to university. And sad as it may seem - even though sometimes I seem to lack a life away from school, and I try to tell myself different - I love every minute of it.

Now that midterm season (hell week as I frequently referred to it) is over, I will hopefully have some time to work on some more exciting things than writing papers, and studying for exams. Maybe some of the exciting projects that I am behind on in Rachel and Elsie's class? Just because I haven't actually started any of the projects doesn't mean I haven't been dreaming about them. And I have certainly had lots of visual inspiration from the Red Velvet Art Flickr Gallery.

Like this Colour Me Happy scrapbook by HollySarah.

These felt tipis by KatieCupcake.

These journal covers by Ashley.

This photo embroidery project by cococricketsmama.

This cutie by spiffydesu.

Such lovely projects. I really love the class environment and it is so inspiring to be surrounded by such crafty people. So if you are here from the class thank you for making it a fun valuable experience and for inspiring me. :)

I have been thinking a lot about painting lately. I really miss it since highschool and I don't think I've actually painted anything since then. This summer I really want to pick up the paints again and work on developing my style. This is the last painting I did that I really love. I put it in an auction and it was actually going for quite a high price but at the last minute I decided I couldn't part with it and bought it back for myself.


Then, this week I saw this beauty by Rachel. How beautiful is this? It goes into the RVA shop tomorrow and prints of it are going to be sold. I'd love the original but I'll settle for a print. Maybe I'll ask for it for my birthday? I really want to get into oils. I've always used acrylics and I *hate* watercolours so I really want to start playing around with oils. We'll see. I'll keep you posted on my painting adventures.

Last night to celebrate we got pizza and let me tell you I have a new favorite pizza place. Not that I get pizza a lot, but when I do, I know where I'll be going. Papa's Pizza is the teeniest little hole in the wall restaurant, and to be honest it's kind of sketchy looking, but it is sooo delicious. We've been saying we wanted to try it for quite some time and last night seemed like the perfect night. So we trekked out in the pouring rain and brought pizza back. Let me tell you . . .good life choice.

Tonight I will be working on a few crafts. Including my post for Thursday at The Everyday Scrapper. Here is a little sneak peek.

Ok. Well thats what I've been up to lately. I have a piece of oreo chocolate cheesecake from Williams waiting for me so I am going to eat along with my vanilla latte.

What are you up to this evening?

xoxo Jer

Ps. I've given in, and now you can find me on twitter. Come on over and check me out. Also if you are on twitter send me the link and I will check it out :)

Happy Sunday

Friday, March 06, 2009


tomorrow i will write my final midterm.

then i promise i will make a real blog post. aaaand i will finally have some time to make some pretty things.

i love you tomorrow.

xoxo jer

Sunday, March 01, 2009


. . .for 500 visitors to my blog.

thank you so so much for all of you who stop by and leave comments. It means a ton!!!

i loooove you.
xoxo jer