Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today . . .

First of all – there may or may not be an ANTM spoiler in this post. But I suggest if you haven’t watched this week and are planning to you should stop reading until you watch – but be sure to come back once you have watched. Anyways today . . .180748I may or may not have eaten a whole package of Fun Dip.

I may or may not have had my hair in a half ponytail because it was in my face.

I may or may not have it in one right now.

I may or may not have started replying to a large number of emails and didn’t finish any.

I may or may not have lost track of how long I have had my contacts in.

I may or may not have watched The Hills episode twice.

I may or may not have spent a couple of hours online mentally spending money I don’t have in real life.

I may or may not have considered providing a new home to numerous pieces of furniture that people have discarded while moving out of my building.

I may or may not have realized how much I liked Alasia after she got voted off of ANTM.

Some more randomness for your day from your pal Jer.


Ps. I love youimage via Amy Tan

If someone ever wanted to surprise me with a little early birthday gift, or for no reason at all I would really love some washi tape. lol.

PPS. thank you to everyone who has commented with suggestions on my book post. If you haven’t yet please take some time to comment and help me build my summer reading list.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Thoughts From a Monday

Photo 180edit

First of all hi! Second of all I realize it says Monday in the title of the post and it is in fact a Tuesday – I’m leaving it. This just shows you where my brain is today – off in its own little world.

Here are a collection of random thoughts that raced through my mind - in no particular order.

I need a job.

I do NOT want to shower today – such a hassle. (closely followed by) I need new body wash. (and) I love the smell of Dove shampoo.

I want to draw more – something along the lines of Nancy Drew illustrations or the 101 Dalmatians illustrtions. (You know like  ink + watercolour)

This lemon chicken is not the best I’ve tasted however this egg roll is fantastic.

I need a haircut. Really badly. (As evidenced by the photo above – I seem to have an unkept razor bob going on there – a la Rihanna or Posh Spice)

Hills TONIGHT! (Yeah, I have a thing for bad TV. This was closely followed by) Oh yeah – I don’t get MTV so I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it online. Aaaand I probably have to avoid the internet for spoilers. At least I have Parenthood.

Hire me. Hire me. Hire me.

I need to have dance parties more regularly. Dance-offs even.

I wonder if you could play a board game with someone over skype (or some other form of video IM) assuming they have the same game.

My inspiration board is really boring, and small. I need to kick it up a notch – I’m thinking inspiration wall. (Links to inspiring inspiration walls/boards would be much appreciated)

Ok. So I hope you enjoyed this look at my random, boring thoughts on this regular old Tuesday.

Now its your turn. Regail me with the tales from your Tuesday afternoon.

xo jer

Friday, April 23, 2010

What’s in my bag?

Since its the end of my school year ( a common theme in my last three posts lol) I thought it would be fun to do another instalment of “what’s in my bag?” or as is probably should be called “A scary look at all of the crap I have acquired in my bag over the last 8-ish months” Here it is:

000_0812notes a huge collection of pens and other writing utensils, empty tic tac container, glasses, notebook, magazines and music. Fun stuff.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

I need your help friends!

It is officially summer vacation for me so that means more:

sleeping in,image time enjoying the sunshine,imagepicnics and barbeques,imageice cream cones (even though i like it better in a bowl i almost always get a cone because c’mon, its summer),imageand reading for fun (no more of this text book business).imageimage

Sources: bed, sunshine, picnic, ice cream, books 1, books 2

This is where you come in. I need to put together a sweet summer reading list so your suggestions are required to do that. I’ll read pretty much anything so don’t worry about that and if you like a book, or think I’d like a book post it in the comments section. I want to hear about anything and everything.

Thanks friends.


PS. I love you. Yes you.




Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick Update.

So I know I have been an awful blogger lately, but yesterday I wrote my last exam and as of yet I’m still unemployed so I guess now I have no excuse not to blog because I essentially have unlimited amounts of time on my hands. lol.

So yeah, I wrote my last exam yesterday.

I leave for here in just under 9 weeks. image (source)

I cried myself to sleep that I wasn’t at Coachella. But remain hopeful that I will attend one day.

I had a glimmer of hope in attending Lollapalooza but its the week after I return from India so those hopes were dashed. But I remain hopeful that I will attend this one day as well (just pleeaase bring back arcade fire the year I go).

This starts next week and I am SUPER excited. image (source)

A while ago I posted this post and then today I was featured in this post over at the Dares (if you are visiting from the Dares, welcome!! i hope you’ll stick around for a while). My dare was to be inspired by skateboard graphics and here are my pages and the boards they were inspired by.100_2777 100_2766  Untitled-1 I hope you play along with the dare this week. If you do link me up to what you create because I would loove to see them.

xo Jer

Friday, April 02, 2010

happy easter friends.

imagefor the record – if I ever tried to put those ears on my pug he would lose it. probably something more along the lines of this. . .image


so happy easter! i hope your weekend is fantastic.