Friday, June 25, 2010

Really quickly, hi from India.

Before I left, I did a DIY for my friend Tara at Up the Street.
Check it out to see how I got from this:to this:

xo Jer

Ps. I apologize for the AWFUL formatting of this blog. I'm using the online blogger editor which I loathe. Hopefully if we find some wireless somewhere in our travels I'll post a real update, complete with some pictures and good formatting.
Ps. I miss you, but I kind of love it here .

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today is that day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Ok, technically tomorrow is the day but go with it ok? ha!

Tonight I fly out of Pearson in Toronto headed for India. Its pretty surreal – especially looking at that layout. I’m not even really excited yet because I don’t really believe it. I thought after the week of stress ended I would feel more excited to go but I’m still shocked that I’m actually going to be in India tomorrow. Crazy.

I have been assured that I will have pretty good/consistent internet access the places I’ll be going so I’ll still be around the world of the internet. I do not know however, how often I will be able to blog etc or how often I’ll want to (I will be in India after all). I’m planning to take it all in while I’m there see and do as much as I can. I’m not even bringing my laptop in an attempt at some sort of an internet cleanse.

I will be checking my email however so if you email me I’ll get it and respond. I’ll also be on Skype quite frequently (at the request of my dear mom) so if you see me on feel free to say hi! (and if you don’t have me on Skype ask me for it and I’ll add you)

So I guess, this is a surreal, sort-of –farewell. I have one more post scheduled for tomorrow and there is the possibility that there may be one more scheduled for next week.

Now, don’t you forget about me! (and as I type that, that lovely Simple Minds song slips its way in my head never to leave until something better [or not] gets in there) Because while there may be extended period of time in which there are no blog posts here (let’s be honest – it’s not like its never happened before and I didn’t even have the “I was out of the country” excuse) I will be back, and back with a vengeance. With stories and pictures and possibly even videos from my trip to India. So stay tuned.

Aaalso, one more thing. If you want up to the minute (maybe not minute but I’m being optimistic here) updates from the trip be sure to check out our trip blog. You can get there by following the link in the side bar ----->.

Ok. xo

Ps. I love you

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Photo 187edit

the result of a photobooth self portrait session last week.

one of my few quiet/creative moments from the last week-ish time period.

probably listening to mumford + sons or yeah yeah yeahs.

my headphones are attached to my computer, not mr. ipod who is in the dock. obv.

mr. ipod is not yet mr. ipod in this picture.

my desk is perpetually messy.

my current inspiration board. i'm thinking it needs an overhaul. but it will have to wait on account of the fact that i am going to india for a month.

this pic is now attached to a layout. shares soon (probably later today).

this week the craziness continues. packing + last minute planning + currency buying + excursion planning + making sure my bag isn’t too heavy + dreaming about being there. you know, all that fun stuff


ps. i love youimage super inspired by inspiration boards/walls/wires lately. i’ve been itching to redo mine for probably a month.

i love this one by vee.

Friday, June 11, 2010

So this morning I woke up and had a small freakout closely followed by a lengthy dance party. I’ll tell you why.

In exactly one week from today I will be in approximately hour 12 of a 20 hour flight here:image image image photos from this amazing photographer and world traveler.

At this point I am beyond excited to go – and just want to be there. I don’t want to have to go through the next week of stress re: packing, obsessing over last minute travel plans, getting my affairs in order etc. Leaving the country for a month and a half leaves a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up – not fun, I can assure you.

I am going home tomorrow to spend a few days with my family before I fly out so I have TONS of things to do here today and tomorrow before I head home. I have lists everywhere and my mind is craziness. I’ll be blogging right up until I leave and hopefully even updating from India.

Talk soon. J

Speaking of 20 hour plane rides – I am currently in the process of restocking Mr. Ipod for the trip. Any suggestions will be welcomed here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello Mr. Ipod.

Here is a little random fun for your Thursday afternoon.

IMG_0003+ IMG_0004 =IMG_0005

Meet Mr. Ipod. Before it was just Ipod, and with a little moustache, he’s Mr. Ipod.

Crazy how a little moustache can change someone. lol.

These are my favourite rub-ons. They’re too fun.

What else should I put moustaches on?


Monday, June 07, 2010

Overheard + A layout

Here is another layout I made with the March kit from Up The Street Scrapbooking.103_2877 This is probably one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time. We were sitting in our microbiology class last month and this is how the events unfolded. . .

Dr. Colby: “The best sweet you’ll ever taste is. . .”

Amanda: (to me) “Nanaimo bars!!!”

Dr. Colby: “. . .pure cane sugar.”

I had to excuse myself because I was laughing so hard.

Aanyways, nothing from this kit is going to waste. I used the paper bag it came in as my background for this layout, the negative space from he Cosmo letters as a mask for misting and I used some of the negative letter space to tone down the striped Cosmo paper.

You can see more of the layouts that I made with this kit down below. Or you could click right here.


Ps. I love youimage its a little magic, no?

via David Wallace

Sunday, June 06, 2010

some layouts.

A while ago I blogged a sneak peek of a layout I made for my friend Tara (if you are here from Tara’s blog welcome!! I hope we can be blog friends and you’ll come back again and again!). When she asked me to play around with one of her kits I could not say no. 1-because my student budget along with my trip to India budget, does not allow for the purchase of any new scrapbooking supplies. And two, once I took a look at her kits I knew I’d love to play around with them.

I used the March kit from Up the Street Scrapbooking and it was fantastic . It was a lovely mix of Studio Calico’s Anthology and Cosmo Cricket. I of course gravitated to the modern vintage SC line, but the Cosmo supplies were fun too.

Here are some of the layouts I made with the kit.103_2821 103_2827 103_2830 This was inspired by a layout by Jen.103_2902 103_2894 103_2887 I haven’t made cards for literally years, but it was fun to play around with them again. I like that you can get a couple done in a short period of time – it makes me feel like I accomplished something without really thinking too hard. Which by the way is sometimes just what the Dr. orders for those inspirations slumps.

I have tons of this kit left. You will be seeing more layouts from this kit for a while . I have a few more already done that I will be sharing sometime in the near future. So keep checking back for those.

What have you been up to lately?


Ps. I love you103_2839 This little boy had the saddest face when I was photographing some of this stuff. Those big sad eyes?? I diiieee.

(aaaand Yes, that is a scarecrow in the corner. We rescued her from the side of the road two Halloweens ago. Her name is Suze.)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

what i’m listening to

imageimageimageimage image image image

and i am still waiting for the funds to get my hands on a copy of these:image image image image

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

01i just wanted to pop in to thank you all for the birthday love yesterday! it was quiet and lovely and i spent the day by the pool (the weather was gorgeous) and the evening eating delicious mexican with my fam. i’m thinking maybe dinner then karaoke with my friends this weekend? we’ll see.

aaalso, yesterday StudioCalico had a blog hop around all of the DT members blogs and each member was giving away a full set of their new collection, documentary. i was lucky enough to win at my friend sasha’s blog. i LOVE this collection (you can see the collection here). all i can say is thank GOD for giveaways because the student/6-week trip to india budget does not allow for scrappy supplies.

i think this week i’m going to put together a 21 before 22 list of things i want to do in the coming year. what do you have on your list?

xo and thanks again for the birthday wishes!

lovelove jeremy

ps i love youimage i’m pretty much in love with sandra oh. definitely my favourite character on greys (and i may or may not have watched the season finale greater than 5 times). 

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

You Said What?? Overheard Edition

gram&popPoppa to Grandma while waiting for everyone to clear out after the reception at the wedding this weekend:

“We should go get Al’s keys, then we can get into his backseat and make whoopee.”

Have I ever mentioned how much I love these two?

You can see a few more pics from the wedding here.

Ps I love youmodgma This is my favourite picture of someone I know ever. For serious. How amazing is she??