Monday, August 30, 2010

you have my heart.

the science student in me geeks out/gets pretty aroused when i see some form of design featuring a (somewhat) anatomically correct heart graphic. here is some geek porn for you other like minded science and graphic design kids. holler!!

image girlscantellimage image heronadornmentimage gigposters.comimage darkcycleclothingimage faroucheimage foldedpigsimage TinkaTreeimage OrkPosters

wow. be still my heart!! seriously, i would love every single thing here.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Have you Heard?

Yesterday while I was out and about I saw a number of awesome things including a tape dispenser shaped like what else? but a cassette tape!! Sadly I didn’t purchase that but I did purchase a new magazine. Cooler Magazine out of the UK is pretty much amazing. Visually, its one of the prettiest/coolest magazines I’ve ever laid eyes on and given my slight magazine addiction that number is pretty high. Think Nylon but for with more surf/snowboarding content depending on the season.

Basically I want you to go out and check out this magazine but until then check out a bit of the June/July issue.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Pretty right?

Happy Friday. lovelove Jer

Thursday, August 26, 2010

well good morning.

flavour flave.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         On the weather section of this layout it says to early to tell (i worked last night till 6 this morning and came home and decided to finish this layout). but as i was finishing it and the sun was rising this is what the weather shaped up to be.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This lasted for a good 7 minutes and then burned away. Now the sun is bright as bright can be and it is shaping up to be a gorgeous day. just perf!

Also, shout out to my dog. Holler!

Now after having been up for approximately 22 hours. I do not plan on sleeping yet. The fam is going back to school shopping today so instead of sleeping I am accompanying them. There will most definitely be a Starbucks stop on the way and probably a couple during the course of the day. Tonight at work could be interesting. meh.

Good morning. love J.

Ps. I love youimageimage  How pretty is this page from Kim’s journal? Be still my heart.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

weekend craftiness.

This weekend on twitter I mentioned I was going to attempt to get some scrapping done with some really old supplies. Since I’m living at my parents house all I had to use was a box of old supplies that I have to get rid of that I didn’t think I would ever use.

Well I’m glad they were here this weekend because I put them to good use. Well most of them anyways (there’s still some really questionable and dare I say, ugly, stuff that I may try to use on something later on this week. But seriously when I see it I wonder what the heck I was thinking when I bought it).

Most of the papers you see are (I’m pretty sure) from the dollar store from back in the day. There’s a bit of Chatterbox and old MME stuff there too. And luckily I had a small stash of vintage goodies like ledger papers and old sewing patterns around here for just such an occasion. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         First up is a small set of thank you notes for some special people. I saw something like these somewhere on the interweb a while ago but I didn’t save the picture to my inspiration folder. I hope I’m not, but I may be inadvertently copying these. So if you’ve seen something like this somewhere before, let me know so I can credit the person who inspired these notes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And a fun little layout about a day trip to Wonderland I took with the fam last week. I used the park map, an old library card, vintage sewing pattern some of the aforementioned old product, an H&M bag (if i never shopped for clothing I wouldn’t have half of the stuff I use for scrapbooking these days) and some AC glitter cardstock.

Have you guys seen this stuff? It is ridiculously glittery. Super glam. Totally tacky. And I kind of love it. I had to get a couple sheets the other day.

What have you guys been up to?


PS I love you…

This wedding, shot by Anna, is the prettiest wedding I’ve seen in a long time.image And this picture is probably my favourite wedding picture I’ve ever ever seen in my whole life. It is just so much fun. I also have a pretty big thing for huge wedding parties, I don’t know what it is, I just get really excited by them.

Anyways check out the rest of the photos here.

Monday, August 23, 2010


98The mush cut, the cowlick front and centre, the purple thermal, sweet glasses. Yup, 1998 was a good look for me. I was especially attractive when the glasses slid down to the end of my nose.

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen I had some adventures in scrapbooking using really old product. I am hoping tomorrow brings some nice light so I can photograph said craftiness.

Ps. I love you.imageimage Rococo. Sprawl I & II*. Love.  Enough said.

Photos via.

*Disclaimer. These favourite tracks change frequently. Chances are they’ll be different tomorrow. Oh hell, who am I kidding, they’ll probably be different later tonight. What can I say, I don’t like to play favourites.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

a layout.

You may or may not remember, but a while back i guest designed for my friend Tara at Up the Street Scrapbooking. You can see the layouts that I made with her pretty kit here. And then while I was in India, she posted a DIY that I did using her kit and you can see that here.

Well, if that’s not all, I made one more layout with the kit that I used in my Hambly DT submission earlier this summer and never got around to sharing. Anyways, here it is. Its probably one of my favourite layouts in a while.  103_2846I used the Studio Calico  paper, the Cosmo Cricket letters and the brown paper packaging from the kit along with my American Apparel bag with some SC FabRips underneath.

Simple. Fun. Just the way I’m liking my pages lately. Also, I forgot just how long my hair was before I went to India. It was super long.

Today I am helping my sister paint her room a nice shade of lime-ish green. I’m also going to attempt to scrapbooking using some really old supplies I have around here.

What are you up to for the day?

PS. i love youimageimage image imageI am in love with this Persona series by photographer Jason Travis . He takes a portrait of someone he meets in his daily travels and snaps a picture of whatever they’ve got in their bag and then creates these amazing diptychs.

So perfect.

See the full set here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a belated happy birthday.

Just wanted to pop in and say a quick belated birthday to one of my besties and to my favourite roommate ever!image image image I was unfortunately unable to attend the festivities (including delicious sushi – jealousss) this past weekend however I was pleased to find that she was still able to have a good time despite my absence.

While I was trying to put together this post a-I had a fantastic time looking through the old photos of our times together and b-I realized that we have like zero pictures together (how is that even possible after living together for two years).  This MUST be remedied this year.

I did discover a few things about our pictures together.

1) The ones we do have one of us looks like a fool, take the one above for instance –although with that one I am intentionally trying to look that way (its my Napolean Dynamite face).

2) Of the photos of just us, there is a disproportionate number of them from various Halloween events (probably three quarters)(take the above photo for instance).

3) You seem to have a fascination with trying on my glasses – including those that are a part of my Halloween costumes. Take this one for instance:imagePossibly one of my favourite pictures ever (and my second favourite picture of you wearing glasses ever – you know my first favourite).

Anyways Happy Birthday Charlie!! I love you and here’s to two more fun filled years!


Ps. I love youimage imageThese retro future ads by  Moma Propaganda (via Dude Craft via Laughing Squid) are funny, charming and well, brilliant.

Monday, August 16, 2010

an untitled blog post. or this post took me hours to write.

i have nothing intelligent or overly meaningful to contribute to the blogosphere today. chances are i probably won’t have anything tomorrow and i’m sure it could probably even be argued that nothing i have ever posted on this blog is truly intelligent or that meaningful. but its ok and we carry on.

i’ve been working on doing this blogging thing for myself and for no one else. so thats what this post is, a random collection of my thoughts for this week so far (yes i realize that it is only monday). i also don’t feel like using capitals today, and this is going to be pretty stream of consciousness, so i apologize in advance for its randomness and if it is hard to follow. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         i’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after returning from my trip (that includes my blogging schedule - although there really was no blogging schedule to speak of before i left). part of it has to do with the killer amount of travel time we had on our way back home. we were in transit for over 30 hours, and with 9.5 hours of time difference between india and canada – you can be sure i was suffering some serious jetlag. that, coupled with a pretty major change in plans* is having a major impact on my ability to transition back into my real life smoothly.

*long story, but in short,  i had planned to continue living in my apartment in london (where i spent the beginning of the summer)  for the remainder of the summer looking for a job for september. but after an email from the nursing home i have worked at off and on for the past  years while i was away, i am now working back there for the month of august and living at my parents house. most of my stuff however, is still at the apartment in london, and i’m not planning on moving it back here for only a month, so its making for a very interesting living situation. i have the essentials here, but some clothes that i may want are not here, none of my crafty supplies are here. also i’m still going to have to look for a job in london in september on account of the fact that i didn’t work for four out of five months this summer and tuition is due right now. ha. so my days are going to be spent between london and home while working full time nights at the nursing home. okay, so that wasn’t that short. haha

ummm and now i don’t really remember where i was going with that so. . .

have you seen the latest dare? all the girls are killing it this week but this. . .i’m pretty sure i actually let out a little gasp when i saw this page by vee. image how perfect? i dieeee.

ok well since i still can’t remember the direction this post was originally supposed to go in, i guess thats it.


ps. i love you

i kind of have this unexpressed side of myself that is really into the fashion industry. i’m no expert by any means, but i definitely know more than your average 20-something young man (call it a hobby) and it doesn’t hurt that i get a lot of my crafty inspiration from the things i see in fashion magazines blogs etc.

anyways, this post (which says so perfectly, everything i wanted to but could never express about mcqueen’s FW 2010 collection) secured this blog’s spot in my favourite blogs ever. image image photos from here.

i’m am in love with tavi’s writing style. i honestly think she’s one of the best writer’s out there today. she’s super eloquent and her phrasing is perfect.

she is also super creative, her style is one-of-a-kind, her photos for the blog are gorgeous and she is a talented artist.

of course its no surprise i would love this blog since i have a habit of loving blog’s written by old souls (think kara or kim). definitely one of my daily reads.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

blast from the (not-so-distant) past.

I was doing some tidying this week and found my old highschool student cards. I’ve been out of highschool for 3 years so you can do the math about how old they are.

I have decided to share them with you. They speak for themselves.

Your welcome. At a first glance it might look like I lost weight from grade 11 to 12, but no, the photo is just really badly distorted.

Maybe one day I’ll show you my first driver’s licence. It’s good. My friends frequently ask me to bring it out when they need a good laugh. And man do they laugh. I’m sure they’d ask to see these too if they knew I had them.

So have a laugh on me. You can thank me later.


PS I love youimage via.

I decided i need more striped tees this week. Maybe I should just make some.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a beaut-, well just a mess + a giant t-rex.

P8097057 this is what my workspace at my parents house looks like right now. it is a disastrous combination of clothes in various states of unpacked-ness, broken ipods that need to be fixed (boo), sunglasses, important mail that needs to be attended to, pretty papers that are probably being crumpled under piles of stuff, souvenirs that need to be given out, a few boxes with nothing in them, a pile of old newspapers, some books, to-do lists a-plenty and Lord only knows what else is hidden deeper under all of that stuff.


going to india for 6 weeks = amazing.

dealing with all of the stuff i need to after returning = not so much.


ps. i love youIMG_0233 editi love dinosaurs. so imagine my pleasant, almost giddy surprise when we were walking the lovely grounds of an old palace (that was actually super boring  but   more on that topic- my touristy revelation - later this week) and then we see this amazing fibreglass t-rex. just the kind of randomness i needed to make the whole day worth it.