Thursday, February 17, 2011

omg he blogged!! aaaand scrapbooked?!?


oh heyy.

so yup, for those of you who don’t follow me on twitter and see my frequent, ridiculous tweets – i am still alive.  for those of you who only follow me on my blog, and who only know me through my blog then i can completely understand why you might have thought i was dead on account of the fact that i haven’t blogged in well over a month and a half.

why did i stop you ask? well it was partly because i didn’t have a computer for a while and got out of the habit of it. but it was also because i just wasn’t feeling it.

so then what brings me back is naturally the next question on your mind. well one thing is a sweet comment on my last post from the lovely Sasha. also this past week my senses have been on overload from new york fashion week.

i don’t know what it is but fashion gets me so creatively excited. there is just something about it. i don’t think i’ll blog about it here, i tweet about it pretty frequently though so check it out on twitter. really quickly though, some highlights from the fw’11 shows so far are proenza schouler, marc jacobs, alice + olivia and rodarte (obvs).

anyways, for the time being i’m back. and while i’m here, i’ll share a layout i finished yesterday.

This is for the February Creative Type prompt. (check out what the other girls came up and play along for yourself right here) it is also the start of my documenting my trip to india. i think i’ve finally decided how i’m going to document it on paper which will no doubt lead to me blogging about it. so yay for that.

anyways, i’m sorry for this random collection of thoughts and ramblings and the extra long hiatus. but i’m back and i’m glad to be back. i missed all of you :)