Sunday, November 22, 2009

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, at the beginning of the 1990s, there lived a young boy. During his kindergarten year, that young boy decided that since his father had a rat tail, it would be a good hair style to have for himself. So, sitting in the family kitchen, his father cut his hair into the infamous rat tail pictured below.

Our young hero loved that rat tail, and regardless of how unfashionable it was then or now, wore it with pride. It grew long and flowing down his back and was even brave enough to pair it with a vibrant, neon blue and black speedo at the public pool (who is dressing this kid?!) He spent many hours with that rat tail getting his mom to braid it for him, just like she did with his father's. One day in grade one, just one short year after the birth of the rat tail, a mean young boy in our hero's class tried to tie his rat tail into a knot! As much as the boy loved that rat tail, he could not bear the thought of it being tied in a knot, so that very night he had his mother cut it off. His mother tied it with a ribbon, put it in a plastic sandwich baggy, and placed it in decorative dish where it remains to this day.

Fast forward some 15, 16 years to present day. That young boy has grown up, has a much more stylish hairdo and is in fact, me. Ha! Every detail in the above story is true by the way, no exaggeration at all. Recently in an RVA slumber party chat, we were sharing embarrassing stories and Elsie asked me to make a layout devoted to my rattail so, here it is.

First of all, I haven't scrapped in so long so it was major fun just to cut and play around with paper again. Second of all this layout is one of my faves in a long time. Woodgrain? Paint? Yellow? What's not to love? ha!

I wanted to include the actual rat tail itself on the layout because, how could I not? But my mom wouldn't part with it yet. So, instead I left a space to put it for when she is ready to part with my hair. Hope you like it :)

Anyways, I was planning on blogging everyday this week, but my computer decided yesterday morning that it wouldn't start, so that will not be happening. I did however speak to someone about it and they assure me it can be fixed and my files will be safe (good because I suck at backing up regularly). I will still be able to tweet from my phone and check email and facebook. I probably won't be blogging as long as my computer is down, except for when my lovely roomate is kind enough to let me borrow her computer when she's not using it. Like now . . .shout out!! :)

I am off to finish reading for class tomorrow, watch AFV (its our Sunday night ritual) and just generally relax the night away. I have some knitting I want to do, plus yesterday I thought of a cutie little embroidery project I want to make - so we'll see what I fill my time with. As much as I love having my computer, not having it is so much more conducive to doing homework and crafting. Maybe my time away from it will be a nice vacation who knows?

Happy Sunday. xo

ps. I apologize for the crappy blog formatting on this post. I'm writing it right in blogger (which I haaaaaaaate but since this isn't my computer and I'm being allowed to blog on it, I'll deal)