Monday, August 31, 2009

Modern Day Time Travel


Scientists have called time travel an impossibility, however I stand before you today saying that time travel is in fact possible. Not only is it possible, it is easily achieved. Yes, you too can travel back to the stone age. All you have to do is go for an extended period of time without the internet. ha!

Seriously though, for those of you who thought it impossible, I have lived for two weeks without internet and not only that I have lived to tell about it. I will admit it was a pretty rough to weeks which is a bit of a shame that I rely so on the internet, however I have been online for as long as I can remember so what do you expect?

A few observations from my time ‘offline’:

1 – My cell battery dies a lot more quickly than usual. Normally I have to charge it about once every two or three days give or take. However, without internet I was using my cell as my primary link to the outside world. Responding to important emails (I was right in the midst of registering for classes, applying for loans etc.), checking tweets, tweeting for myself etc. Using my phone this much in a day caused the battery to die almost every day. Poor thing took a lot of wear and tear over the last couple of weeks.

2 – On the same note, I hate replying to emails on my cell. Absolutely hate it.

3 – I read a TON without internet. I normally read a lot during the summer months anyways (*forget* pleasure reading during the school year) but without internet I read a ton more. Over the course of my two weeks in the stone age I:

- finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards.

- started and finished The Birth House by Ami McKay.

- reread Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

- started and finished The Patient by Michael Palmer

- started and finished The Condition by Jennifer Haigh.

- started Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy.

ps. all of these books are highly recommended. Seriously if you are looking for a book to read, pick up any one of these and you won’t be disappointed.

4- My studio is still insanely messy regardless of whether or not I am connected to the internet.

5 – I almost never turned on my computer. Music was listened to solely through the iPod and the computer was basically only turned on to charge the iPod and edit a few pictures.

6 – I seem to take a lot more pictures when I don’t have internet. This may have been due to the fact that the two weeks without internet happened to provide very nice light for photo taking.

P8145889edit 7 – I seemed to acquire a lot of magazines over the past two weeks. (I’ve gotta get my eye candy somehow!!) Some faves included: August Nylon with Sienna Miller on the cover and the September Marie Claire with Ashley Olsen on the cover.

8 – I should really have redone my inspiration wires in my room. Lame!

9 – I wished I was in my apartment in the city so I could steal – uhhm – borrow internet from those poor suckers around me who don’t put a password on their wireless. Or so I could walk to the Starbucks five minutes away from my apartment.

10 – I missed all of yoooouuuu!!!!


xoxo j

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a layout and a life without internet

here is a layout from last week.



the buttons are from such sweet tierney and the lyrics are from arcade fire [love both and so should you].

as of tomorrow I will have been without internet for a week. ugh! there have been a number of phone calls made – some not so pleasant – but apparently someone is coming out to check it out for us. i am excited to move back to school and have reliable internet again.

i found some internet at the coffee shop. i wanted to share this layout so badly. i’ve read a few blogs. opened sooo many blogs so i can read them later at my leisure. and downloaded a few songs.

when internet is restored to my home i will blog about what it was like to live in the 1800s. ha!

i miss youuu xoxo

Friday, August 14, 2009

this past week – its a long one.

i don’t know what it is, but i always seem to blog on friday evenings. hmm. just an observation.

well i have been planning to blog literally all week. everyday i was like, hmmm i’ll blog today, but then didn’t. i always seem to blog on friday evenings. i don’t know what it is but that always seems to be my blogging day.

moving on. today i had lunch and spent the afternoon with this beauty.n509929199_449274_22 i had such a lovely time (and also a delicious grilled veggie sandwich but that’s beside the point). this is my oldest friend, we’ve been friends since grade one and it always feels comfortable, easy when we get together. we started by going for lunch and coffee. we both had chai lattes and then finished with irish cream iced coffees. we then browsed around town a bit with our iced coffees enjoying the sun. ps it has been so so nice here this past week. i think summer may just be here to stay for a while.

i scored some yummy thrifted yarn today as well as some good vintage fabrics (in yummy fall plaids) i have a few projects in mind for these things – more about this later.P8145878edit i was shopping specifically for nice fall-ish colours. i only got one teeny bit of yellow yarn and i would have liked some nicer, deeper, more mustardy yellows but hey, beggars can’t be choosers right? i did however get a ton of balls of grey yarn. i don’t know why but just kept picking them up, it is so pretty – grey yarn is definitely my favorite colour of yarn.

also this past week i secured my spot here:Untitled-1 i am so so excited and it is the reason for my fall yarn shopping and my fall fabric shopping. if you read this blog at all you know how much i loved the last class that rachel and elsie did and the projects look so amazing this time around i couldn’t miss out on this one. also, it is the fall class and again, if you read this blog you know how much i love fall. aanyways, the combo of those things plus the amazing experience i had last time made it very easy for me to dish out the money to pay for this class. also, if you know the font in that banner would you link me up? i love it.

this past week i also started uploading to the SIStv gallery again. i started my account back in the spring but never uploaded anything to the gallery. i started uploading again this week and i was very warmly welcomed. so if you are visiting from SIS welcome! and please come back any time.

also regarding sis my sweet friend jen got some lovely news this week. big congrats to her.

this week i applied for my student loan and this morning i payed my tuition. it went through this evening and i am now nearly $6000 poorer than i was when i woke up this morning.

this week i was watching jimmy fallon and saw this:

so amazing. i’ve listened to it too many times to count.

also on the youtube subject there is a new where the wild things are trailer. watch it here. it is even better than the first one. i am so excited for this movie to come out later this year. so so excited.

i have a new favorite blog – terrible, yellow eyes. it is a bunch of artists who are making projects in their medium of choice inspired by where the wild things are. it is absolutely amazing. some of my faves:peter


ana so magical. i especially love that last one. definitely following that blog now. i will be checking it every day, you can count on that. after all the where the wild things are inspiration today i went looking for my copy of the book, however i can’t find it anywhere so i have had someone read it to me here on youtube like 10 times today. ha! i’m a bit obsessed.

tonight, i will be rolling more yarn into balls (because its so much prettier than the rolls they come in) and i hope to do some scrapping. gooood night.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

so so lovely.





3809095132_64831903d3_o This is the loveliest wedding. It looks like the kind of weddings that I like to go to – simple, lovely, laid back and fun. Images from here. Go check out the rest of the pictures from this wedding. I’ve looked at them on and off all day and I wanted to blog everyone of them. Go and look! Seriously. What are you still doing reading?

ha! xo jer

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hey There Four Eyes – 10 Images of Inspiration










01wedding photo class

{click images for credit}

ok – so i you’ve been counting you’ll realize there’s actually 11 images here , but I couldn’t narrow them down anymore ok? sue me.

happy saturday!

Monday, August 03, 2009


I’m sure the suspense is just killing you, so here is my layout for the Such Sweet Tierney revealOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This is my brother and his friend at their 8 graduation back in June – and this is definitely my favourite picture from the whole night. Every time I look at it I just crack up. How classic? Love it. We did actually end up getting a good one of the two of them, they just had to work themselves up to it – hence, this picture. Here is the good one. P62451940

Ps- Wes has style eh? I mean, c’mon, white suit, pink shirt. Veery nice and he knew what he wanted and picked it out all on his own. Although he does have a good style icon to model himself after if I do say so myself. Prom 2007!!!! 03722 (You’ll have to excuse the awful, aaawful hair style and the baby fat)

Changing the subject. . . .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I need to figure out a better way to make those little rosettes – or at least to adhere them to the cardstock – or something because they were tedious, and now the ends keep popping up. I just used Zots glue dots. I tried to use my sewing machine and then pull the top stitch to gather the edge but the fabric i used was too stretchy and that didn’t work out so well. Aaanyways, if you have any great tips for making rosettes I’d love to hear them.

Also, this layout is inspired by a Maggie Holmes layout I saw, I think its in her Studio Calico gallery this month, but I’m not 100% sure.

If you have any questions about process or products you can leave a comment or email me, whatever’s easiest.

I am going to nap I think, and then I think I’m going to see Funny People this evening.

xo j

ps. Check out the rest of the DT reveal here. There is some amazing stuff you will be inspired.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

i can’t think of a title for this post.

Its August so that means the Such Sweet Tierney DT reveal will be happening any day now. London just made a big move to Seattle last month so it will be up as soon as she can get it up – you know how big moves are. Aaanyways, here is a quick peek at my first project for the month.

P8015779Keep checking London’s site for the big reveal, there is amazing stuff there every month – the girls on the team are sooo talented and there is always a bunch of eye candy on the reveal date.

Hope you are having a good weekend.