Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sneak peek. whaaat?


Just a quick sneak peek into my secrets.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Very Busy Beaver

That’s me alright – a busy beaver. And lucky you get to read all about what I’ve been up to lately – I feel like this is gonna be a long one. Its probably also gonna be heavy on reader participation ie. answering questions for me so get ready, and maybe think about taking notes.

Since I last touched base here in blog land I’ve moved back home for the summer and started work again. I realized reading my last post that I was super dramatic about the trek back home. I made it seem like I had a super long trip home when in reality it was only a drive a couple of hours long – just to clarify.

I’m finding being at home with no school stress very inspiring. I love that when I have a day off, I actually have a day off. No projects to finish or tests to worry about studying for. I just want to create create create. Speaking of creating I have been working on my secret project. Its something that I’m really excited about – even more so than when I first mentioned it to you guys a little while ago. I am just about bursting at the seams wanting to share it with you but I promise there will be sneak peaks soon – with all the full exciting details to follow. I just hope I’m not hyping it up so much that when I tell you about it you’re expecting more. Anyways.

Also on the topic of creating I scrapped last night. This inspiration from this new season is really taking its toll on me (in a good way!). This is my favourite page I’ve made in a long long long time. I did it last night while I watched last weeks episode of Greys – which was sooo good. On a sidenote, I tweeted the other day that I was very upset that I couldn’t watch Greys online on because I wasn’t from the states but I have since found a solution. Number one, I can watch episodes on which is kinda like the Canadian equivalent to ABC. But the episode is split into 6 separate videos and I like to let it all load while I’m busy doing something else then watch it all at once and not have to worry about it loading slowly. Aaaanyways, a friend of mine showed me this site called where you can find links to online episodes of tons of shows. Basically you don’t need tv because you can watch tons of shows on this site – heaven (I love tv btw – awful, but I’ve accepted it so so should you).

Wow that was quite the tangent. Scrapping. So while I was scrapping and watching Greys I was definitely reminded why I love both so much. This is my favourite layout in forever. And it was the best episode of Greys in forever. Here is my layout by the way:


That is made using contents from the Jenni Bowlin March kit. The review will be up on The Everyday Scrapper hopefully at the end of this week if everything goes as planned. Jenni, if you’re reading this your review will be up *very* soon. Sorry for the delay. (OK who am I kidding, if Jenni Bowlin is reading this blog just leave a comment to say you’re reading it. And if you are, holy cow thank you!) Ok. So that’s one item off the list of my items to blog about list. Number two.

After I moved back home I used the first and second day to to a huge clean up/purge/reorganize of my studio (aka my room. but I like to call it my studio – it sounds better). Here is the awful thing – I repainted my room about 2 years ago, when I was finishing up grade 12 but that was all I did. I didn’t hang anything back on the walls or anything. So I had enough when I moved back into it this week I had had enough. I rearranged and reorganized everything, and this summer my project is going to be to make this a space that will be inspiring and that I want to be in. I started by reorganizing closet as well as my desk and craft/art supplies. I went through a bunch of old magazines, ripped out what I like and tossed the rest. Umm I hate cleaning, but how refreshing is it to purge and get rid of the excess and keep only the things you use all the time? I will tell you – it is very refreshing. Here is a little peek at my desk. Maybe one day if I’m feeling ambitious I’ll take you on a little tour of where I create. Who knows? (ps. the colour is weird, but I didn’t take another picture so please excuse that)


So first on the list is getting things back on the walls around here. I’m thinking a collage of picture frames with some of my pictures as well as some prints. So if you know of any good prints link me up in the comments section or send me an email (you can do this by clicking on the “email me” link in the sidebar) as it would be much appreciated. I am also thinking of hanging a couple lengths of wire above my desk to hang layouts and inspiration pieces on. That will probably be the first thing I do – maybe this week. (ps. how good is that little coaster? it was a gift and I love it so much).

Ok next item. I have a stack of books about a mile high. I haven’t counted but there’s probably about 20 books. I am planning on reading my summer away. So if you know of any good books definitely let me know and send me a link because I am always on the lookout for a good book. I will let you know if any in my stack are worth picking up too, I’ve got quite the variety so there’s a little for everyone.

Last but not least I want to leave you with this super cute thing that I saw on Decor8 (which is quickly becoming one of my favourite go to spots for inspiration) this week.

3466197048_3af78c16ef How lovely and perfect for spring is this little cutie? You can find it here in the Wanderlust Etsy shop (assuming there are some left).

Hopefully I didn’t bore you too much with this super long post, it was kind of a melting pot for all of the ideas running through my head today. Tonight I plan on starting one of the books in my pile, maybe doing another layout and working on my secret projects depending on how much time I have.

I love you!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Colour

Last night we put on the last coat of paint and today we touched it all up and now w e have essentially a new wall. It is so interesting how a coat of paint can wake up a space in your home, make it new and fresh without very much effort at all. Well we have done just that. When I walk into our living room it is almost shocking because I’m not used to the new colour yet and it literally changes the room. The room looks so much bigger which is surprising because we went with a darker colour – although I’m sure that has something to do with only painting one wall and keeping the rest of the room white. Anyways I’m very pleased with how it turned out – I think we both are so that’s good. We didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it, we found a colour we liked, one that would go with all of our stuff and went with it. No analysis paralysis here. So without further ado, here it is.101_2176


So the colour we went with is called Grape Splash and it is by BeautiTone which you can get at Home Hardware/ Building Centre here in Canada. I’m not sure if you can get it in the states. It is right on trend with what is big for paints this year – its a red based purple and paired with our grey and black furniture and green accents, it creates a really modern, upscale look (yeah I read decor magazines – what?). Not that being on trend matters that much to me – but its cool that the colour we picked is.

Note to self for the future: I’m better at painting without taping where I don’t want paint – I’m more careful. With tape I get sloppy and then end up painting over where the tape is anyways. So don't use tape. Also, I don’t know how I do it but whenever I open paint of any kind I get it all over myself. God only knows how I manage to get paint right in the back of my knee, because I certainly don’t. But it never fails that I will find paint in very interesting places.

Ok, I have to finish up packing and my mom will be here to make the big move back home for the summer. I might be MIA for a few days while I get settled, and used to slower internet. boo!

What are you up to today?

Monday, April 20, 2009

“I’m a Carpetbagger Baby . . ”

Just popping in to say I am have been spending most of this lovely rainy day with Arcade Fire and packing up my room in London to move back home for the summer. In case I had forgotten (which I hadn’t) this is a lovely reminder of how much I hate packing – and I don’t throw around the word hate a lot its just not generally in my vocab. One thing I definitely do hate, is packing. I only have to pack up some of my stuff though because I’m keeping the same apartment here so therefore I can leave a bunch of my stuff here for the summer – thank God for that.

However my dear friend Amanda is here spending the day with me so that helps. Also on the agenda for today is putting the last coat of paint on the wall here before we moved out. We decided on a colour and started it yesterday so tonight and tomorrow we’ll finish it up and I will post pictures as soon as we’re finished. Hopefully tomorrow there will be some pretty light to take and after picture of it. If not then I’ll have to use not so nice light. boo! However we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


This picture has nothing to do with anything that I am talking about, I just wanted to share it. This is what approximately 87% of all pictures of me look like. Just hamming it up and being as awkward as humanly possible. I just can’t help it sometimes – as soon as the camera comes out the nerd comes out. Oh well, its me and I like it.

xoxo Jer

Ps. A couple of days ago I put a link to my email address in the side bar on the right so if you ever need or want to contact me by email feel free to do so by clicking on that link.

Pps. Sometime in the near future I need to give the blog a facelift. You know the usual – new banner, redo the side bars, maybe add some nice buttons. Who knows how that will go but definitely keep your eyes peeled for it. yay.

ok that is for sure all I have to tell you. now I’m heading back to pack some more and listen to some more pretties by Arcade Fire (definitely still one of my go to albums – love love love it) to finish off this low key day. A little thunder and lightning would be a perfect end to a perfect day. Just sayin ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Its true. It is so nice and sunny out today, I would give anything to be out in it.Instead I’m studying, indoors. But I have the windows and the patio door wiiiide open and it is lovely. I will definitely be soaking it up on my way to the school today.

But what I really popped in today was to tell you that I have really sweet online friends. For example, the other day I got this email from this very talented and very sweet girl. (click on the image to read the super nice message).


I have now completed two exams and have two more to go (one this afternoon and one on Friday evening) and I am now officially halfway through hell week. I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel for a minute yesterday when I left the exam room, however it quickly disappeared as soon as I opened my books for my exam today. No matter . . .

Ps. I am planning something pretty exciting (at least I think it’s exciting) and I will be starting work on it immediately after I am done exams. I don’t want to give too too much away because I don’t really know too much about it myself – very few details are finalized. But think canvas, and think in June (hopefully the big reveal will come before that though). So, keep your eyes and ears peeled about that.


PPs. I love little teasers like that on other people’s blogs, hope that you enjoyed that one. ;) lol.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am obsessed with music. Often I will listen to one album or one song over and over and over again. I have the most random tastes in music and I love it. I have a tee-shirt that says “I Believe in Music” (its basically my fave tee) and I really do believe in music.This weekend it was City by Sara Bareilles (sooo beautiful). Tomorrow it will be something different. But for right now it is this song. I must’ve listened to it 50 times today.

Take a listen. Excuse the talking at the beginning because the song is sooo worth it.

What are you listening to today?


Edit PS. you can see the aforementioned t-shirt here.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter. From me to you!


It’s true. And I hope the Easter bunny brought you some chocolate treats. I had a good weekend, brunch on Good Friday,church this morning and a turkey dinner for lunch today. I had a lot of pictures to share with you today from our Easter egg hunt and yummy desserts on Friday, but apparently when I uploaded them I didn’t actually upload them – imagine that. Anyways instead I’ll share this amazing picture by Candice Stringham with you. Its pretty magical isn’t it? Anyways I’m heading back to studying, but before I do, how cute are these little knitted Easter eggs. If I knew how to knit I would definitely make some of these cuties, but since I can’t I thought I’d share it and maybe someone who can knit can find make some.


You can find these here. And a pattern for them here.

I am back to studying. Once again, happy Easter!!

I looove yoooou!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday’s Thoughts.

1 – I haven’t been stressed about exams so far. I’ve been studying a lot trying to prepare. But tonight the reality of the situation hit me. 4 exams in 4 days starting next Tuesday – and Easter is this weekend so that greatly reduces my study time. I’m a little stressed to say the least.

2 – This little bit of brilliance from the wonderfully talented Kim Smith, has been in my thoughts all week.


“April is for being happy.

just pure happiness.

pure i-don't-care-who-sees-or-knows-about-it happiness.

dance-barefoot-in-sunshine happy.

smile-and-laugh-until-my-cheeks-hurt happy.

don't-get-hung-up-on-things happy.”

[find it here] First I have to make it through the aforementioned exams.

3 – hot water + fresh lemon + honey. so delicious. even more soothing. enough said.

4 – Project Runway Canada is so inspiring. The only problem with being inspired right now is that there is very little I can do with it. boo. However the finale is next week and I seriously can’t wait to see what the final three designers send down the runway. It will probably be the one bit of tv I watch next week amidst exams.

5 – The travel bug is biting. Really really hard.


I have Elsie to thank for that one ;)

6 – I am listening to a ton of Pink right now. It pumps me up and it doesn’t hurt that I *love* her voice.

7 – I said it before that I wanted to start painting again. Now I *really* wanna paint. Its hard to imagine how much I want to paint. I feel like this summer will be a summer where I really get back to my roots which are painting and general “fine arts”. That excites me. As much as I love what I’ve been doing lately such as journaling, scrapping and general crafting, I miss the other things that I started in. Drawing, painting, photography etc. I want to experiment, play and have fun. (I really want to play around with oils) il_430xN.59415812[1] [find it here]il_430xN.63977072[1] i generally don’t like water colours, but i love this. [find it here]


this just blows my mind. it is amazing. [find it here]

8 – Just because I am planning on getting back to my roots doesn’t mean I will not be scrapping or crafting. I still have all of the projects from the Pretty class to make. See the great things my classmates are coming up with here.

9 – Still no paint colour progress. (I’m still really loving the green though)

10 – Ummm. Just by the way. You can watch Jem and the Holograms episodes here. I wasn't around when it was on for real. But I remember watching it in re-runs for a while.

Ok. I am out for the night.


Ps. I almost forgot. Over 1000 hits on my blog. wow. Thank you so much for every visit and every comment. It really means so much to me to know that what I’m doing isn’t just heading out into cyberspace forever to be lost and read by no one (even though I’d probably be doing it anyways). Seriously though. Thank you, and I try to comment as much as I can on your blogs as well. You know, share the love.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Ok, so we will be finished exams in exactly two weeks on Friday – then both me and my super cute roommate Melissa are both heading home for the summer. Anyways our little apartment here in London has all white walls and this year we got a little bored with that. So after exams we are going to paint one of the walls in our main room.


The wall behind me in this picture is the one we are painting. Its a freestanding wall in our living room and our couch is backed up against it. We are still not really sure what colour we want to paint so I am enlisting the help of my blog bffs :)

Ok so we have a black love seat and chair set, and the couch I’m sitting on in the picture which is kind of a charcoal – brown colour. Our current accent is green. We have green pillows and green curtains on our balcony door. You can see a bit of that green behind my arm in that picture above. Here is a picture of Melissa and Heather in front of our curtains – the pillows are the same colour. We also want it to co-ordinate with the yellow rose painting on the back wall, however again – I would be open to moving it to another wall (I have a good idea where) and maybe paint something to go there ;)


So, I would be fine to change the colour of the pillows and the curtains for a paint colour that I love – but I think Melissa would like to keep the curtains and the pillows, and find a colour that co-ordinates with everything in the room. Here are a few colours that I am really liking.

wall colour

I absolutely *love* this colour of green. I am literally in love with it. I would love it if we could find a lovely green like this to paint. It would co-ordinate with everything except the pillows and curtains. I am really leaning toward a bright, full bodied colour like this and I think Melissa is open to colour too which is good.

wall colour two

Also, on the complete other end of the spectrum, I really this grey (found here). It is contemporary, clean, dramatic. It would coordinate with everything in the room. However I wonder if the couch would get lost because they are too similarly coloured. If we did go with the grey, I would want to paint something to go in place of the yellow rose picture. Maybe a colourful abstract to give the wall a punch.

So this is where the dilemma lies – what colour to paint our wall. I would seriously love to hear what you guys think. Leave me links in the comments section to colours that you think would work – or just plain old colours that you like. I read every comment and I appreciate every comment. It seriously means a lot. So yeah send me colours!!!

I’m excited to hear what you guys think :D

xoxo jeremy