Friday, December 09, 2011

A Tuesday in Toronto

Earlier this week I took a little whirlwind, 2-day trip to Toronto with my lovely friend Sydney. We drove down on Tuesday morning and spent the afternoon wandering around downtown, doing some shopping and eating Thai food. Dundas Square was beautifully lit up for the Holidays so we had to stop for some pictures. jerandsyddundassqShopping and wandering and Thai food all seem like reasons enough to make the 2 hour trip to Toronto, however if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or even on Facebook, you may have seen me post this picture a while ago.387052_10150357066626962_506016961_8812061_824252319_nThis my friends, was the real reason for our mid-week trip to the city. 

If you know me at all, you will know I love Bon Iver and have loved Bon Iver, with all of my heart, for years. I love For Emma, Forever Ago, and like all of his fans, waited patiently (or not so patiently) until this past year when he released Bon Iver, Bon Iver. Currently, Bon Iver holds 15 of the spots in my 25 most played list on iTunes. I’m literally obsessed.

You guys, it is just the most beautiful music. I can’t say enough about it.

They played one show earlier in the summer and it sold out so quickly I didn’t have a chance to get tickets. I was devastated. Then the Live Nation App on my phone (loooove iPhones) told me that he was playing another show. I waited up after a night shift and got tickets the minute I could. Thankfully I got two. And not just two tickets, two killer seats.

Fast forward to Tuesday night.

We get into Massey Hall (amaaaazing venue) and I literally start having difficulty breathing. I don`t remember much of the opening act except that she was super cute, British, and was amazing at the guitar.

Then out comes Justin and his band.IMG_2091I got chills as soon as they started playing Perth, and had chills for the next two hours. It`s hard to pick out highlights, but Flume is high up on the list. I cried.  I could not have helped myself if my life depended on it. I can`t even tell you how amazing it was. I simply can`t.

If you get the chance to go and see Bon Iver play live, do it. do it! DO IT! (yes that is me shouting at you)

I paid good money for our seats. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid at least double what I paid to go again.

The night kind of feels like a dream, I still get chills when I think about it and I honestly have not been able to listen to any music since. Nor do I want to.

For now, I will just live with my memories of the best concert I have ever been too.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Oh hey December.

IMG_6616-2Spending my first Christmas/Holiday season in like, forever, not having to worry about exams. Working my first Christmas (one of the joys of a career in healthcare). Putting together the perfect Holiday playlist including old favourites (Sarah McLachlan & Sufjan) and new ones too (Carole King, She & Him, Justin Bieber{I’m not even ashamed}). Christmas crafts (which I can only expect will involve a lot of silver glitter). Christmas shopping (yes, I’m one of those crazy people that loves the crowds that come Christmas shopping). Red Starbucks cups (probably too many). Packing and starting to move (yes, I found out I get to live in my dream apartment come January). Bon Iver (next week!!!!!!!!! {yes, that many exclamation points are absolutely  necessary}).

This is what my December is looking like. Hopefully yours looks as lovely as mine.