Saturday, February 27, 2010

i want to make one

via bleubird.

I think stop motion is the prettiest. I want to make one really really badly.

more time being crafty tonight + snl.

happy saturday

Ps i love you image imageI’ve been thinking a lot about tattoos lately. Probably about 2 or 3 times a year I get a really big urge to get one. One day I will have at least one – that much I know for sure, I also know that it doesn’t really fall into my budget at the moment. ha.

(both images from weheartit if you know the original source please let me knooow :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

This Evening.

This evening I will be spending time here.image Aka my studio. Except I won’t actually be in my studio considering I don’t have a studio. But if I did . . .imageimage image image It would be something like these (all via weheartit). White walls, huge windows, eclectic decor and  inspiration hanging everywhere. Yeah, that would be nice.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to the real world and attempt to figure my life out.

xo Jer

Ps i love youimage

Thursday, February 25, 2010

We’re Live

**warning**This is going to seem like a shameless plug (you might be right):

I’ve finally finished puttering around at the blog for our India Trip.banner copy Please come on over and take a look. You can meet the team and  find out a bunch of information about our mission and what our trip will consist of and some of the organizations we’ll be volunteering at while we’re there. Also you can find out how to donate (both online and by mail) and support us in this initiative.

You can also find out about our fundraising events and other fun goings on. We’ll be updating this blog as we continue to plan our trip (there is still SO much to plan and do) and throughout our trip so please follow it so you don’t miss out on anything.

Also we would be really appreciative if you would add one of our buttons to your blog or website to link to our site. All you have to do is copy and paste the code from the box under the button you want and paste it into your website.

If you have any questions about how to add one of those buttons to your blog feel free to email me at jeremyk123[at]hotmail[dot]com and I’ll try to help you out with that.

So in conclusion, we would be REALLY appreciative if you:

1 – go and visit the blog. right here

2 – follow the blog so you don’t miss any important/exciting news.

3 – add one of our buttons to your blog

4 – donate to our cause (we know times are hard but we would appreciate any gift you could give however big or small. seriously)

Thanks for putting up with this plug.

xo Jer.

Ps I love youimageimage

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 things: blowing my mind.

this video:

this moleskine mini:image image image imagesee it all here.

there are also a few other things going on that are blowing my mind – but not necessarily in a good way. i’ll spare you those lovely tidbits however. i will say that it is really frustrating and a little scary when things don’t go the way you had planned.

my week is crazy. hopefully yours isn’t so bad.


ps. i love you new followers (and old!!).115317

Thursday, February 18, 2010

a winter goal.

I like to make goals for myself. I don’t really do so well with really serious/formal goals but I really enjoy making fun little goals to work towards. It doesn’t mean that I am any less serious about achieving them though  its just that sometimes my goals are made just by putting something out there. For example here, here, here and here. And sometimes, they come true – like here (eee!).

Anyways it’s no secret that I have been watching the Olympics lately – I really don’t care what sport is on but the past couple of days have been especially fantastic. Between women’s boardercross and men’s halfpipe, I really want to take up snowboarding. image image via

So there – with all of you as my witnesses, I will one day, hit the slopes, snowboard in hand (or afoot) and learn to snowboard. Maybe this winter, if not then definitely next. Maybe I’ll surprise myself and be able to do sweet tricks like these.imageviaimagevia  image via

And perhaps if I don’t find myself able to do those tricks, at the very least I will be able to go out and spend a fun day on the slopes with my friends and look sweet in the awesome gear. Aaaand I’ll have a reason to vacay to Whistler (gorgeous!).image Ps I love you.




all via

I would never be able to buy a snowboard just fyi. #1 – I am sooo indecisive. #2 – there are hundreds are sweet boards. I would NEVER be able to choose. I could do a whole post on a snowboard wishlist but don’t worry, I’ll spare you that little treat. lol.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friends, Lovers or Nothing?

jm1 Valentines, actually. Yes, John Mayer + Myself = Valentines. Thats what he said to me and thousands of other people last when he was in town last Saturday night.IMG_2034  After getting over the initial disappointment of finding ourselves in what I thought were going to be floor seats but ended up not being floor seats – the show was amazing. Even not having floor seats, our seats were better than the last time I saw John a couple years ago. In fact the whole show was even better than the last time (even though this time did include a gross amount of PDA by a couple who probably would have been better off staying at home this time did not however, include being hit by the man sitting behind us because we were standing and he thought we should be sitting – long story. You can read a bit about it here).

Michael Franti and Spearhead opened – who I was thoroughly confused by (they played a wide range of music styles and whenever someone in the band didn’t have a part in the song they left the stage). They did  do a really good job of pumping us up – which I suppose is the main task of the opener is.  They are entertainers for sure. Also, the lead singer (Michael Franti) popped up like three rows in front of where we were sitting to do one of his songs. That was pretty sweet.IMG_2019 I love John Mayer – I don’t care what people say about him and I don’t even really care what he says. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Continuum is one of my favourite albums ever. He is a fantastic musician and a really gifted performer. I’ve been to two shows of his and I’ve had an amazing time at both. I was ready to hitchhike to Toronto to see him again on Sunday night. IMG_2032 IMG_2039 I don’t really know what to say – there is just something about seeing one of your favourite artists live. Magic.

Like last time I didn’t take a picture of myself so you’ll just have to believe that these pictures are mine and that I was actually there. Lol.

xooxo Jer

Ps I love you:jm2 This photo and the first in the post are from here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A New Banner

I realize I have been saying I plan on redoing my blog for the past, I dunno 6 months? Anyways it always just gets pushed to the back of my priority list and I’m ok with that. However today I just got the urge to make a quick new banner for this space I call my blog.  I don’t know how I feel about it but I’m going to keep it. I feel like it may just be the whole change of it – I had the last banner for just over 1 year so I’ll give it some time to grow on me. Maybe the new banner will give me the kick I need to get the rest of this place updated.

Today i spent the day bumming around home watching the Olympics. Normally I have nothing to do with sports but the Olympics turn me into a die-hard sports fan. It doesn’t matter what sport it is I am watching it. ha. Tomorrow I will start my list of things I need to get done before the end of the week when I head back to school quite possibly intermingled with a generous amount of Olympic watching.

Tomorrow I will be back with a blog about John Mayer on Saturday night.

xo Jer

Ps I love you:

I may or may not have listened to this song over and over again on repeat for the past three days. It features three of my faves ever – Jeremy Larson, Stacy Dupree (of Eisley) and Darren King (of MuteMath) so its no surprise how I love it so. You can download this beauty for free right here – my life is complete.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Funny (or punny) Valentine(s)

Edit* If you are visiting from Elsie’s blog – WELCOME!! I’m so happy you could stop by. Feel free to come back any time :) xo Jer.

I’ve never been a fan of Valentines day itself – however I have always loved giving and getting valentines cards (don’t ask me why). One of my favourite things growing up in school was decorating a paper bag each Valentines day and exchanging cards with all of my classmates. I have not however given out Valentines cards for a couple of years.

A couple of weeks ago Elsie shared a super fun Valentines DIY that inspired me to make my own Valentines for my friends this year (you can check that out here). I used her DIY as a guideline DI-myself!! Here are my fun valentines. 000_0770 000_0789 In case you can’t tell – these are all Lady Gaga – and the message says “I’m Gaga over you!” I thought it was funny.

I haven’t really drawn for soooo long - I kind of miss it. Two things I noticed/remembered: 1- Lady Gaga wears a lot of sunglasses (which is good for me because it saves me sketching the eyes) and 2 – I’m a scribbler when I draw I have a very sketchy/messy style.

Today I am spending my V-Day cleaning the apartment and packing up my things. My parents are coming to take me home for a week (reading week). I am looking forward to a little break (as I wrote that I realized just how much work I actually have to do on the little “break” ha!). How are you spending this silly little holiday??

Ps. mosaice2eaf3bbb7d6adf46cfbd5ec6adcce4df8211f61

Friday, February 12, 2010

Style Crush: Acid Wash

I love the look of acid wash – on but not limited to – jeans, sweatshirts etc. Ha. I think it is such a rad

As much as I love the look I’m not sure I could pull it off. I found the most perfect pair of acid wash jeans at the thrift store once – but they were too small. boo. I think I’ll try something not too intense – like Aand I really like this sweatshirt from American Apparel.image [get it here]

What do you think about acid wash??

** all images (unless otherwise noted) are from lookbook. click each photo for the original source.

Ps. I love you

image from Marie Claire Brazil via

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I wish. . .

I am a huge YouTube fan. Not a day passes that I don’t watch at least one video. I often wish that I had some (musical or not) friends to make sweet/funny videos with that we could post on YouTube.

Exactly like this one ( the really good part starts at 3:00 then again at 5:40):


Ooor this one:


Or maybe like these ones by one of my very favourites LA

Any takers? I’ll accept applications by email. ha! If you have any good videos please, please, please link me up. You have no idea how much it will make my life. lol But seriously, links please.


Ps I love you

Leigh-Ann has some of the funniest YouTube videos ever.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Flavour Flaves

Keeping with the informal scrapbooking theme I started yesterday by sharing my layout from last weekend, today I just wanted to give a shout out/share to one of my absolute favourite challenge blogs out there – The Dares. I don’t remember when I first came across this site and actually I think before I knew of the website I knew of the book – either way, if you are looking for a creative challenge (whether that be for scrapbooking or not) check out this site.

Some of the girls on the DT are some of my favourite scrappers – Jen, Kristina and Vee. Now that I’ve been around the site for a while I have some new faves from the DT – Tina and Jamaica and I am lucky enough to call some of these girls friends. The challenges are simple – just the way I like them so I can take it whatever direction I want.

Seriously, check it out!!!imageTina – Dare 145 image Jen – Dare 142image Vee – Dare 156imageJen – Dare 136imageJamaica – Dare 135image   Vee – Dare 153image Jamaica – Dare 151image Vee – Dare 131image KC – Dare 150image Tina – Dare 127

image Jen – Dare 147

Ok seriously, I need to stop. I could keep going but I’d use up all of my bandwidth on one post ( I really could) lol. But seriously? How amazing are those pages??? Promise me you’ll go and check them out.

The challenges are rad. The DT is even more rad. I just think they need a boy on the DT ;) Eh?

What do you think? lol Hey. . .I can dream, right?

Ps I love youimage found here