Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a little make-up.

I’ve been a bad blogger. I’m trying to get back into the routine of school, trying to sleep normal hours after working a month of full time nights, and I think things are finally starting to fall into step. Hopefully that means I will have more time for you – my lovely blog friends.

Anyways to make up for my absence I have a little tease for you. A little something to keep you interested so that you come back again. Ha. A little sneak peek of a layout I made recently for something very exciting.

So, here you go! I will be back a little later this week to share the full layout with you! And my exciting news!

Love Me, Jeremy.

Ps I love you.

Old people. Prop comedy. Spice girls in the background. Perf.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a small musical obsession.

imageimageimageimage I have been listening to this lovely’s new album literally non-stop since I got my hands on a copy last Thursday. As a whole, it is a really solid album. Whenever I’m in my room its on on my laptop. You can be guaranteed I’m listening to it on my phone when I’m walking to class, or taking the bus to campus. A few of the tracks have already made it into my 25 top played after only having been in my library for a mere 5 days. Its just that good kids.

She is coming to Toronto on November 5 to play a show at a small little theatre. And I am desperately looking for someone to go with (aka drive since I am carless ha!). But seriously, if you want to let me know! Because I will find a way to go if its the last thing I do.

Oh yeah, get a copy!

Love Jeremy.

Ps. All of these lovely promo shots are from here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Small Goal + A Dare.

So a while ago, Elsie posted a little challenge to make four small, fun goals for yourself. You can see that here.  I don’t love making goals for myself at the best of times and at that specific time I had just returned from India and was starting back to work and I didn’t have the emotional energy or capacity to make four goals for myself. Then the girls at the Dares started back into the fall routine and I thought it would be fun to make a little goal for myself to do all of the prompts that are posted over there (I’d been a long time follower of the Dares but only participated two or three times in the past).

So I made the goal for myself but decided not to blog about it. First reason: I only had one and I was supposed to make four. Second reason: I hadn’t really gotten back into school yet and what if once I got back into the routine I didn’t have the time or energy to do any dares but I had already told everyone I was going to do EVERY. SINGLE. DARE.

Well now I’m sharing the goal with you and you’re probably wondering why the change of heart. Well last night after an extended homework sesh, I got out all my stuff and cranked out a page for the latest dare and I realized that a) I need to make more time to scrap during the school year because it (along with lots and lots of coffee) helps to keep me sane. Also, I am going to do every dare this year. I will. Its a simple as that. I may not get them done in a timely manner, I may not even love the pages. But I will do them. So there. My epiphany.

And because I’ve just bored you with the inner workings of my goal averted, procrastinating soul. I’ll share my layout with you.

Dare 168 – Scrap a soundtrack to a memory. IMG_0685 From my drive to York the past weekend. 20 hours of driving time = just as much listening time. But for the record it shouldn’t have taken 20 hours, close, but not that much – except there was construction in a number of places and a nice detour courtesy of my gps that took me nearly to Syracuse and 3 hours out of my way. Anyways its all good.

So check out the current dare, the super talented and always lovely Steph Wheeler is hosting, and as always the effers are killing it.


Ps. I love you.image image imageSpeaking of Steph, she has an amazing photography project going on right now called On the Table. She puts her camera on various tables and takes a picture of the scene. Its sweet. Aaaand she takes reader submissions. So check it out to see how you can get involved.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What’s in my bag? {weekend road trip edition}

IMG_0677As you’re reading this I’m sitting in class. But here is what I had in one of my bags to Vanessa’s this weekend. I would share the other one with you except it was just my clothes and the bag was ugly. ha!

Water. Reading Material. Notebook.  A selection of roadtrip music. Glasses case. 2 pairs of sunglasses. 1 granola bar wrapper. Some receipts (wine + gas mostly). One uneaten granola bar. Passport. Phone + charger + headphones. Wallet (with a selection of Canadian and American money) Student card + bus pass packet. Keys.

happy tuesday.

ps. i love you (but don’t get you at all)

image These chips – I don’t even know what to say. They are the weirdest/most amazing things ever. Some of them taste exactly like a hotdog, others not at all. But either way, fantastic.

Monday, September 13, 2010

a teeny weekend getaway.

Back Camera

This weekend I celebrated the last weekend of my last summer holidays ever (I started my final year of nursing school today) with a little weekend roadtrip to spend the weekend with some lovelies.

What up P.A.?! (that one’s for you Katie. ha!)

Anyways a little while ago, my friend Vanessa emailed me and told me she was collecting gifts for a little surprise baby shower she was planning with Steven for Katie. I responded jokingly with something along the lines of, “Well I should come and give Katie the gift of my presence but since that could never happen, I’ll make you something”. But a few days later, I asked myself “Why couldn’t I go and give Katie the gift of my presence at her shower?” So I did. Back Camera Friday I took the drive down through upstate NY (gorgeous drive by the way – the leaves are starting to change colours!!) to Vanessa’s. I arrived at like 9 on Friday night and Vanessa and I spent the night making crafty decorations for the shower and consumed numerous glasses of delicious boxed wine deciding that it is indeed Refreshing White that is better than Crisp White and not the other way around.

Saturday we spent the morning conspiring further with Steven and putting together the last of the prep for the shower. We suprised Katie 100% and had a lovely little shower made all the better by the gifts so many lovely people sent.

Then we made our way to the York fair for some fair rides and games and cheesy pirate shows, we saw Vanessa’s space for her new cafe, The Green Bean Roasting Co., I played catch with Paisley and we finished our day with a yummy dinner at Bistro 19.

Katie and Steven are super lovely and kind and just good people. They are such a cute little family.

Later that night, after Katie and Steven left for home,  Vanessa and I spent the night playing cards, listening to and chit-chatting about music and of course, enjoying more wine, this time a lovely Canadian(!!) red blend provided by moi.

Then Sunday morning I made the drive back home to Canada but not before a two hour detour provided by my GPS (grr!).Back Camera The weekend was amazing and I’m so glad I decided to go. Katie said her shower was better than her wedding. How sweet! It just made my heart happy I could be apart of it. Vanessa and I decided she is the cutest pregnant lady and I’m saying it now, she has the cutest little family. Her and Steven are super nice and lovely and just really good people. And Paisley is just darling.

Vanessa, is a lovely hostess, who knows about good wine (she taught me what a punt is and thereby increasing my two-step wine selection process to a three-step one. ha!) and a hell of a lot about music. She sent me a little packed lunch for the road and I just want to put her in my pocket.

Thanks for hanging out with me you guys!

I’m so happy I’ve made such amazing friends (yes you!!) through this whole internet/blogging/scrapbooking business and that now I have met some of them in real life. Its always so amazing to me how kind and sweet people are around here.

I looove youuu!

Ps. I love youimage via

pps. because i fail at life. or at least at taking pictures, these are the only ones I have from the trip and they were all taken on the drive home. ha! (heyy! i’m still getting used to having a phone with a good camera and I neglected to bring my point and shoot) but, never fear, there were a few other pictures taken throughout the weekend that I’m sure will surface in the near future.