Thursday, December 18, 2008

well hello. . .

. . .it seems like forever since I've blogged, not that I'm generally the best blogger anyways, but I have been doing better. Anyways here is a little catch up on what I have been up to lately.
Tonight I wrote my final exam for this semester (finally). This semester has flown by, it actually feels like I just moved back to school, but actually I'm halfway done my second year of university (how crazy is that?). If time keeps moving this fast I will be graduated before I know it. In light of that, it seems like this exam period has been dragging on for weeks, I had a couple killer exams this period so I did start studying a couple of weeks ago, but in reality it has only been a week since my first exam, however it feels much much longer than that.

Because of exams I'm a few days behind on my December daily, but I've been taking photos and making notes (for the most part) so hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult to put together. Tomorrow I am heading home for the Christmas holiday and I'm planning on spending what is left of tomorrow and Friday catching up on my December daily album, and working on some crafts from Elsie's wonderful class. Luckily this past week she didn't post very many projects otherwise I would have been tempted to do some, but since it was a slow week project wise, I was able to get a lot of studying done. But now that I have some time off, I will definitely be tackling some of the new projects and some just for fun scrapping. If you haven't been over to the elsie.cake love group over on Flickr recently you should definitely go check it out, there is always some cute projects, inspiration and eye candy to be found. I literally check it at least once (more like 10) times a day.

I have been working on planning something really cool for The Everyday Scrapper that I will reveal in the new year sometime(I think its cool anyway). I am really enjoying working with Samantha over at the site and in the new year we really want to get it out there and promote what is going on. I really like being involved in it.

Speaking of which I was going through some of the comments on the site the other day and someone posted a link to here. I was so surprised and flattered to find my perler polaroid featured on the site.

It's not why I do it, I do it for myself, but its really nice when your work is recognized and other people like and are inspired by what you do, that is something truly special. I had soooo much fun making this little project and I hope to do some more over my little holiday and hopefully in the new year before school gets too crazy.

I have always been a big, no huge, fan of hillsong united, but this new album is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I literally have not stopped listening to it for like 4 days. It is so so so good. I have all the albums, and have never had a favorite, but I definietly have a favorite now. This song was my favorite from the i heart revolution album and I was so glad they redid it on this album. I love love love it and Brooke Fraser is so talented. You can listen to/watch the album here but seriously go out and buy it.

Ok so I've caught you up on my life, but its late and I need to get some sleep so I will chat with you later but, what have you been up to??

xoxo Jeremy

ps. how lovely are these two? btw, I am pretty much addicted to youtube

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Giveaway.

The very talented and ever inspiring Merrilee Liddiard is doing a really cool giveaway over at her blog. The prize is a free potrait.

I found the link to this giveaway over at Holly's blog and I had a chance to look through her work and it is soo good. I became an instant fan. Go over and check out this giveaway.

In other news, I did most of my Christmas shopping today after my exam. And speaking of exams I have 3 completed and only one more to go. I think I am taking the rest of the weekend off of studying though, my mind is too tired of studying to do it effectively.

I have also been keeping up with my december daily album but not posting them, I am keeping pretty much up to date on Flickr, it is just easier to post them there.

But I am going to go, I kind of want to nap, but I'm not sure about that. We'll see.


Monday, December 08, 2008


Hello my BBFFs (blog BFFs). Here is a long awaited by some, post with my daily december album pages for the last few days. I have in fact been completing the pages, it is the photographing and uploading that I have been having the problem with. Well here they are, dedicated to my devoted followers (haha).

Patterned Fabric Paper: Love, Elsie; Ribbon: Chatterbox; Trim: Making Memories
Cardstock: Martha Stewart; December Overlay: Ali Edwards; Number Sticker: Chatterbox; Epoxy Sticker: Love, Elsie; Photobooth Frame: Katie Pertiet for Designer Digitals

Rub Ons: Making Memories; Tree and Holly Sticker: unsure

Letter Stamps: Autumn Leaves; Epoxy Stickers: Love, Elsie; Photo Corners: Making Memories; Patterned Paper: Provo Craft; Cardstock: Martha Stewart

Patterned Paper: Basic Grey (green and red)

There is the last few days of catch up for this album. I am still really enjoying the process but trying to find the balance between making things and studying for finals is the problem. I will have up the next few days when I find some time. Thanks for looking.
xoxo Jer
Ps This could possibly be my new favorite Christmas album (for this week anyway.) Followed closely by this one and this classic. If you want some good/inspiring Christmas music definitely check these out.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

December Daily: day one and two

I'm only three days in and I am loving the process of it. I'm having a hard time getting into the routine of having my camera with me and documenting each day, but it will come. So far, I'm doing much better than last year (last year I attempted this project and failed miserably - after day 4 or something). This year I have my album put together ahead of time which makes the project so much easier to do day-to-day.
Here are my pages for December 1st and 2nd.

(patterned paper: basic grey; scalloped tag: martha stewart; number stickers: heidi swapp; photo overlay: ali edwards)

(chipboard: maya road; number sticker: chatterbox)

Tomorrow I will post day three for December third.

xoxo Jer

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hello December.

Hi. Where on earth, has November gone? If anyone can tell me that would be awesome because I definitely missed out on it. In the beginning of November I had full intentions of doing a daily December album inspired by Ali Edwards. I started one last year but it failed miserably. This year would be different, I planned on putting it all together ahead of time however before I knew it, it was November 30, and I hadn't yet put it together.

So I've spent the last couple of days putting together an album so that I could make a daily december album. Here is what I came up with. Some of the pages right now are blank cards designated for a single photo, but these will start look better as I add words and photos from each day. If anyone has any question about products used you can leave a comment and I will let you know what it is. A lot of it is Basic Grey and Love Elsie, but if you have any specific questions for sure just leave a comment and I will let you know.

I may add a page for the 26th because I have a second Christmas on that day with my Dad's side of the family, I am just not sure yet.
I am very excited about the whole process behind this, of documenting each day, essentially this is an extended version of Ali's other signature project the week in the life project, which I didn't get a chance to participate in. Tomorrow I will post a share with the completed pages for December 1 and 2. And then each subsequent day I will post for the page I completed the day before. I will try to be a good blogger and keep up with the whole process.
Happy December everyone!!
xoxo Jer

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Oh My. . .

Where does the time go? I honestly cannot believe that it is already the end of November. Seriously, it seems like I just started this school year last week and I'm already almost done first semester. Exams start in a week in a half and I am having the hardest time figuring out where the time has gone. Anyways, moving on.

I am seriously loving Elsie's class. I have been so inspired by the projects and the creative energy of all of the other people in the class. You should really take a look at the Flickr group where everyone is posting their work. So so inspiring. What are you waiting for? Check it out. In regards to the flying time I haven't had a lot of opportunities to have a really good craft session and tackle some of these projects, but I did have time to rediscover my love of Perler beads. Seriously these are so much fun to play with and I haven't for a really, really long time. It was so fun to sit down one night and play around with them. This is the little cutie that I came up with that night.
Seriously, how fun is that? I think I over ironed it but meh, I love love love it. I got some supplies to make some of the other projects from the class so far so I'm hoping to find some time to tackle them this week.
Also, I was searching around flickr and found this layout by Katie (whose Flickr page is actually now here) and i was so inspired by it I created my whole How To post over at The Everyday Scrapper about it. Go over and check it out. This is the layout I made for the post.

Even after a week, it is still up on my bulletin board. I don't feel like its finished, it feels like there is something missing, but i'm not sure what. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
This is what I have been up to but I am now going to head off to bed. I have class tomorrow and then I am going out for lunch with some friends from my class.

xoxo Jer

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



So it has been a while but I don't really feel like I have a ton of things to say. School is busy, but good busy. As if I would opt to take an extra class when I already have a full course load, but who could pass this opportunity up? Not me. 5 projects a week for 6 weeks put on by this sweet girl? I had to be a part of it.

I have literally been entranced by her work ever since I first saw her layout in the fresh face section of CK back in October 2005. Everything she does is super inspired and in turn is even more inspiring. I love Elsie the scrapbooker, Elsie the photographer, Elsie the designer, and most recently Elsie the painter. Here is a little ode to this huge influence behind my personal creative journey.

You can see all of these and more on her Flickr page, it is always good for some inspirational eye candy.

The first week of her class was so amazing, I haven't gotten down to making anything from it yet but I can't wait to get started on some of the projects. I can only imagine that it gets better from here on in, which is hard to imagine since the first week was great. This girl's ideas are no short of genious, and she is truly gifted.

I am off to bed. Class tomorrow at 10 with a long day ending at 5.

xoxo Jer

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What's in my bag?

So I saw this fun idea on Elsie's blog and thought it would be a fun way to document a little detail of my life right now. I have never done one before and it was really fun.
Here's my list:
-pathology textbook
-pathology notebook (can you tell I had an exam this morning?)
-pens galore!!!
-1 fruity gum
-1 minty gum
-cell phone
-iPod (could not live without it)
-day planner
-dinosaur notebook
-contact solution
-chapstick x2
-3 pairs of sunglasses
fun :)

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I did my first real shoot when I took some new family portraits for my family. They were really patient and were ok that I was adjusting things every other picture and I think we ended up with some really good shots. I only just got to editing them the other day due to my crazy hectic school schedule, but I wanted to share some of my favorites.

In celebration of the end of mid-terms a few friends are coming over to hangout tonight and I have a sink full of dishes, and haven't eaten yet. So I must go take care of those. Have a good rest of your weekend.

xoxo Jer

Ps. I have no idea why the one paragraph is smaller than the others, but I can't fix it so it is going to have to stay that way. boo!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I am busy living the busy life of a university student and am finding that I seem to have less and less time for myself. This is especially true as midterms are imminent (aka start monday). But amidst all the busyness of academia I have just had (nearly a week ago) the most amazing thanksgiving weekend ever.

Number one, I love fall and fall is out in full swing here. The leaves are turning, the sun is hot in the day, the breeze is cool, the temperature is perfect for jeans and a jacket and a scarf but the sun is still shining, and the nights are cold and perfect for sleeping. The weather this weekend was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and I was reminded constantly of why fall is my favorite season.
My family is amazing. On Saturday I was having dinner with my family and I had a smile on my face the whole time. I love them and whenever we get together I am always reminded of this but in between our gatherings I seem to lose sight of how much of a blessing they truly are. Me and my cousins (and even my uncle) had so much fun go-karting around in the afternoon sun. It was an awesome time. I have a lot of favorite pictures from the day but this is definitely one of them.

If the weekend wasn't good enough I come back to school and I am reminded today of how amazing my friends are here when I sign onto facebook today this is what I find. (view it larger)

So I am off to bed for the night, but I have a smile on my face. Class tomorrow and then a weekend full of studying for midterms next week should be fun. But I have these little things to keep me going :)

xoxo Jer

Ps. I shot some new family pictures of my immediate family this weekend. It was my first time taking "charge" of a shoot and I think (cross my fingers) the final results turned out well. I haven't even had a chance to look at them and edit them let alone upload any of them to the internet so when I do get a chance to do that I will be sure to share.

Pps. Also I have posted my How To column over at The Everyday Scrapper for two weeks now so go on over and check it out.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Run for the Cure.

Yesterday was the CIBC Run for the Cure, benefitting breast cancer research. It was a beautiful day for the walk, cold in the morning but just before the race it warmed right up. There were a ton of people out to run or walk the race and there were as many people there supporting those partcipating in the race. It was really good day, I got to hang out with friends, I had so much fun and even better, I was supporting a great cause.

In nursing school they teach us that advocating for client's and participating in local health related events is a very important part of our job, but not only that, it feels so good to know that you've made a difference no matter how small.

Here are a few pictures of the event and also the new banner is in honour of October which is breast cancer awareness month.

Also here is a link to Susan G Komen for the Cure it has a lot of really good resources and you can donate online to breast cancer research.

xoxo Jer