Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 things: blowing my mind.

this video:

this moleskine mini:image image image imagesee it all here.

there are also a few other things going on that are blowing my mind – but not necessarily in a good way. i’ll spare you those lovely tidbits however. i will say that it is really frustrating and a little scary when things don’t go the way you had planned.

my week is crazy. hopefully yours isn’t so bad.


ps. i love you new followers (and old!!).115317


  1. I love you more than cupcakes ;)

  2. i love those things too!! Hugs darling, I hate when things don't go as planned...but you'll get through it!

  3. just wanted to stop by and say HI!
    and i LOVE this album!!

  4. the video is A-MAZING! thank you for sharing :] x