Saturday, February 27, 2010

i want to make one

via bleubird.

I think stop motion is the prettiest. I want to make one really really badly.

more time being crafty tonight + snl.

happy saturday

Ps i love you image imageI’ve been thinking a lot about tattoos lately. Probably about 2 or 3 times a year I get a really big urge to get one. One day I will have at least one – that much I know for sure, I also know that it doesn’t really fall into my budget at the moment. ha.

(both images from weheartit if you know the original source please let me knooow :)


  1. i love doing stop motion... im not THAT good. but its magic.

    and GET the tattoo already:)

  2. The bottom picture is the lovely Béatrice Martin who's the singer of Cœur de Pirate. She's from Quebec and I highly recommend listening to her dreamy voice!

  3. i've had that oren vid saved on my computer for a year. love it sooo.
    i made a stop motion video in college - it was supposed to be a team effort but ended up being just me with a ton of legos in my room for the entire christmas vacation. but sooo worth it. (even tho the video itself is now total cheese)
    i want to do it again. you're in the GTA?
    when i'm back in canada we should meet up.

  4. Hi!... My name is maria and I'm new in this world of blogs.. I really liked yours and now im gonna follow it.
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    Congrats on your blog!!!

    ps. Tattoos are the best, i have 3... but when i got the first one somebody told me not to do it because then you can't stop... and I can tell thats true.