Friday, February 26, 2010

This Evening.

This evening I will be spending time here.image Aka my studio. Except I won’t actually be in my studio considering I don’t have a studio. But if I did . . .imageimage image image It would be something like these (all via weheartit). White walls, huge windows, eclectic decor and  inspiration hanging everywhere. Yeah, that would be nice.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to the real world and attempt to figure my life out.

xo Jer

Ps i love youimage


  1. I will take any one of those studios please!I just have a fake one

  2. sounds like a nice evening! And those rooms are awesome! I especially like bike rider in the window of the first room! :)

  3. is it wrong that these pictures turn me on? :( i want thissss.

  4. ohhh, if only i had the space to have a studio...
    we'll just have to live vicariously through these wonderful pictures...

  5. Aaaaah... this caught my eye. You have a wonderful picture-filled blog here.

    It is my dearest wish for a studio, sadly being an art student doesn't permit that (silliness). So I guess I'm living in mine.