Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friends, Lovers or Nothing?

jm1 Valentines, actually. Yes, John Mayer + Myself = Valentines. Thats what he said to me and thousands of other people last when he was in town last Saturday night.IMG_2034  After getting over the initial disappointment of finding ourselves in what I thought were going to be floor seats but ended up not being floor seats – the show was amazing. Even not having floor seats, our seats were better than the last time I saw John a couple years ago. In fact the whole show was even better than the last time (even though this time did include a gross amount of PDA by a couple who probably would have been better off staying at home this time did not however, include being hit by the man sitting behind us because we were standing and he thought we should be sitting – long story. You can read a bit about it here).

Michael Franti and Spearhead opened – who I was thoroughly confused by (they played a wide range of music styles and whenever someone in the band didn’t have a part in the song they left the stage). They did  do a really good job of pumping us up – which I suppose is the main task of the opener is.  They are entertainers for sure. Also, the lead singer (Michael Franti) popped up like three rows in front of where we were sitting to do one of his songs. That was pretty sweet.IMG_2019 I love John Mayer – I don’t care what people say about him and I don’t even really care what he says. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Continuum is one of my favourite albums ever. He is a fantastic musician and a really gifted performer. I’ve been to two shows of his and I’ve had an amazing time at both. I was ready to hitchhike to Toronto to see him again on Sunday night. IMG_2032 IMG_2039 I don’t really know what to say – there is just something about seeing one of your favourite artists live. Magic.

Like last time I didn’t take a picture of myself so you’ll just have to believe that these pictures are mine and that I was actually there. Lol.

xooxo Jer

Ps I love you:jm2 This photo and the first in the post are from here.


  1. John Mayer is great! and can't wait to see him perform later this year :)

    and thanks for sharing your photos & nice blog by the way

  2. Love the new banner! The lighting on your face is beautiful!

    I have to say that I am more than a little jealous you got to spend your Valentine's Day with John, despite the unfortunate interactions you had with your fellow concert-goers. I haven't heard the new album yet. Would you recommend it? Continuum is also one of my favourite albums, so I trust your musical judgement!

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  3. agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed :)
    i love john.
    ps. i love your blog.

  4. swoon! i used to not like mr. mayer, but then i saw him on rob dyrdek's show and thought he was super cute and HILARIOUS. i also love him on twitter...i think he's smart and really funny (aside from his recent comments, which he apologized for.) so YAY for your awesome v-day with john mayer + great photos. swoon again!

  5. I like me some John Meyer, too. that's one concert or performer I haven't seen. Oddly, I saw Michael Franti last year...

  6. I was at that Toronto show on Valentines Day in Toronto as well! Amazing show, it really did blow my mind I'm in love with the thing he does with his mouth when he sings live I think it adds character to his performance and music. I have to agree when you said you were a little confused when Michael Franti and the Spearheads came on stage, before that night I had never heard of them but by the end I loved then. The song Say Hey was one of my favourite. John Mayer is one of the most talented artists in the musical industry and February 14th really showed that off. All and all one of the best nights of my life! :)