Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I wish. . .

I am a huge YouTube fan. Not a day passes that I don’t watch at least one video. I often wish that I had some (musical or not) friends to make sweet/funny videos with that we could post on YouTube.

Exactly like this one ( the really good part starts at 3:00 then again at 5:40):


Ooor this one:


Or maybe like these ones by one of my very favourites LA

Any takers? I’ll accept applications by email. ha! If you have any good videos please, please, please link me up. You have no idea how much it will make my life. lol But seriously, links please.


Ps I love you

Leigh-Ann has some of the funniest YouTube videos ever.


  1. those are all hilarious!! I want to be friends with all of them! You have seen my and Mandi's videos right?? hahahha

  2. HAHA! thanks for sharing. i was boreeeeed at work. not anymore:)

  3. oh my gosh, it's so funny you mention it bc I did smell them, I was like YUM!!!!! I thought if I mentioned it people would think i was weird. Going to edit and stick it in there :)

  4. Just wanted to stop by and say hey I saw you on Lindsay's blog

  5. awwww, man, I can't open those in Mexico, but I love YouTube, too.

  6. That cinnamon made me laugh out loud and I'm in public, I have no idea what people were thinking, hahahah, I was totally not expecting that!!!! Thanks for posting!